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Franco is the secondary antagonist in the Alex Rider book Eagle Strike.


Franco is a partner with Yassen Gregorovich and he is the man who put the bomb in Edward Pleasure's house. Unfortunately Franco was incompetent and he put the bomb in the wrong room. It is unknown how he got access in the house, he probably said he was an electrician, although Edward would have been suspicious of an electrician in a white suit.

Anyway, Franco put the bomb in the room and it only burned Edward, not killing him. Yassen was enraged upon this and he took his anger out on Franco, who already feared Yassen. Franco was going onto the deck of Yassen's boat for a smoke when he noticed Alex, and suddenly Alex's cover of being a teenager was blown because Franco, as a criminal, was alert and noticed an intruder. Alex knocked Franco unconscious in a fight and he got onboard to try and kill Yassen but couldn't shoot.

Franco recovered, sneaked up on Alex and knocked him out. Then Yassen and Franco discussed what to do with Alex because he was getting troublesome, but Franco wanted Alex dead because he was cruel that way. Yassen decided to have Alex fighting against a bull in an arena because they were in France and that would be legal. Franco was going to preside over Alex's fight and shoot Alex if he won. Alex did win and Franco tried to shoot him, but Alex threw his spear at Franco and impaled the man, causing him to be taken to hospital and he may have been arrested but it wasn't made clear.


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