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'Frank" is a minor antagonist from The Office. Frank had an only appearance from the episode "Vandalism". 

He was played by Brad William Henke, who also played as Desi Piscatella in Orange Is the New Black.


During the episode, "Vandalism". He was responsible for defacing Pam Beelsey's mural in the Warehouse.  Pam was horrified that she enlists Dwight and Nellie to go undercover to who did this. All of the Warehouse workers were supposed to redraw the picture. They later know it was Frank from Dwight's friend who works in the warehouse. They later send Clark to spy on them. But after that didn't work, they had a conversion with him. They later argue with Pam, that it was manual with her that it was trash and saying what he did was just a joke. Darryl finds out that he really likes his truck. Pam and Dwight decide to spray paint all over his truck. Frank was furious about it, he attempted to attack pam with physical force. Pam was later saved by Brian, the boom mic operator.  They were both fired.


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