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Then what'cha gonna do? You're gonna give me the best blowjob you've ever given.
~ Frank Baragan to Anna.

Frank Baragan is the main antagonist of the 2013 sexploitation film Jailbait.

He is portrayed by Steve Hanks.


Frank is the warden of the Rendleton Youth Correctional Facility who oversees every act of obscenities within the juvenile facility. After Anna Nix is sentenced to four to nine years for involuntary manslaughter, she is taken to the Warden after she had gotten into a fight with a notorious group in the facility. Baragan offers her protection from the groups if she were to give him sexual favors in return. Having no choice, she reluctantly agrees to his offer, and becomes his sex slave. Anna wasn't his only victim; it's strongly inferred that he was raping female inmates for years when they had come to him for protection. Whenever Anna got into another fight with an inmate, Baragan would subject her to weeks in solitary confinement, naked.

Anna attempts to kill herself while in solitary confinement, but she is prevented from doing so, and is taken to the medical room. While she was being treated by a nurse, Anna explains her situation, and the nurse takes it upon herself to inform the authorities. Unbeknownst to them, Baragan was secretly eavesdropping on their discussion via a surveillance camera, and he appoints a group of inmates into assaulting and murdering the nurse. Realizing that the plan failed, Anna opts to use her camera to secretly film Frank performing sexual acts on her. While she was giving Frank oral sex, she quitely takes her camera and films the act without his knowledge.

The day for Anna's appeal arrives, and Frank attempts to convince the assembly that Anna might need a few more years in incarceration due to the quarrels that she had engaged in with other inmates. Before they could deny her appeal, Anna shows footage of the sexual acts, and they convict Baragan on them. It can only be assumed that he'll be sentenced to prison for his crimes against the inmates.

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