What's the psychopath got in the bag, Jason?
~ Frank Breitkopf

Frank Breitkopf is Agent Jason Gideon's archenemy and a prolific serial killer in Criminal Minds. He is the main antagonist of Season 2.


Early Life

Frank never knew his father and his mother Mary Louise Breitkopf was a German immigrant prostitute living with him in Manhattan, he would always watch his mother having sex with her clients. After possibly killing Mary, he started to kill people by vivisecting them while travelling. He soon met a woman named "Crazy" Jane Hanratty, and because she showed no fear when he was about to kill her, he spared her life. He would occasionally give her wind chimes made of the bones from his victims' ribcages.

Meeting Jason Gideon

After the BAU Agents were sent to investigate the deaths of his victims and the disappearance of Sheriff Georgia Davis, he was found by Agent Jason Gideon and Agent Derek Morgan while at the diner drinking his signature strawberry milkshake. After a conversation with them, Georgia was found by the authorities, traumatized inside Frank's trailer. Frank then says that he will give Gideon the location of a bus full of children he had kidnapped earlier, but only if he could leave with Crazy Jane, Gideon agrees.


Frank eventually murdered Gideon's girlfriend Sarah Jacobs and later Randall Garner's daughter Rebbeca Bryant. He also kidnaps serial killer Jeffrey Charles' would-be victim Tracy Belle. During a confration between Gideon and Breitkopf & Hanratty, realizing he would be arrested, he grabbed Jane and jumped in the front of a train, killing both Jane and himself. The murder of Sarah Jacobs as well as Frank himself would continue to haunt Gideon for the rest of his life, up until his death in Nelson's Sparrow.

Body Count

  • Mary Louis Breitkopf (possibly)
  • (unknown first name) V. Alberts
  • Francine Aurora
  • (unknown first name) U. Averys
  • Evette Banner
  • Selma Brooks
  • Benjamin Delherd
  • Sally Hollister
  • Clayton Little
  • Joan Norwich
  • Muriel Waltman
  • (unknown first name) B. Wolcott
  • Unknown man
  • Reno Rodriguez
  • Katherine Hale
  • Unnamed bus driver
  • Annie (surname unknown)
  • Sarah Jacobs
  • Rebecca Bryant
  • At least 158 other unknown people (possibly even more)



  • Prentiss mentions the existence of a yet-to-be-identified "I-80 Killer" targeting co-eds in Indiana. Frank would search for victims while traveling along that particular highway. In that same episode, Reid mentions that it is very rare for two independent serial killers to be active within the same area.
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