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I'm gonna send a public service message to the people out there that being a superhero is bad for your health.
~ Frank D'Amico

Francis D'Amico, better known as Frank D'Amico. is the main antagonist in the 2010 superhero comedy film Kick-Ass and the posthumous overarching antagonist in its sequel Kick-Ass 2. He is a vicious crime lord and Chris D'Amico's father.

He was portrayed by Mark Strong, who also played Lord Henry Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes, Pinbacker in Sunshine, Prince Septimus in Stardust and Doctor Thaddeus Sivana in Shazam!



He is a drug dealer who runs a mob and has a son named Chris D'Amico, who wants to be a part of the mob.

When Frank finds out that all his coke has been taken by Big Daddy (Which he doesn't know at first and thinks Kick-Ass is responsible) he orders Kick-Ass to be killed and murders a man dressed as Kick-Ass (who he mistook for the real Kick-Ass).

So Chris has a plan on how to get Kick-Ass, Chris disguises himself as a superhero called Red Mist and tricks Kick-Ass into becoming his friend, he drives him to his father's warehouse only to find out that his has been burned and all the men have been killed.

Frank thinks first that it is Kick-Ass' doing, but Chris shows him a surveillance tape of Big Daddy killing all the men and burning the building, Frank still doesn't change his mind about Kick-Ass and has both him and Big Daddy captured and he then lets his men post a live video of them beating up and torturing Big Daddy and Kick-Ass, just as they are about to set the place on fire and kill them both, Hit-Girl comes and kills all the men and rescues Kick-Ass but Big Daddy gets badly burned and dies, so Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass decide to break into D'Amico's place and they kill all the men and finally come face-to-face with D'Amico.

Kick-Ass battles Red Mist while Hit-Girl and D'Amico engage in a brutal fight, which D'Amico wins. Just as he is about to kill Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass appears with Big Daddy's bazooka and blasts D'Amico through a window, killing him in an explosion high above the city. Chris is shown at the end of the film, swearing vengeance on both Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl for his father's death.

Kick-Ass 2

Although not physically seen in sequel, he is mentioned in Kick-Ass 2. His mother lies to Chris about Frank's death by telling him he burned during a fire. Chris does his criminal activities to avenge his father, taking on the mantle of "The Mother Fucker".


[in falsetto voice] Mommy, I want a Kick-Ass party! [in regular voice] Dumb little fucks!
~ Frank mocking Kick-Ass' popularity while he attempts to snort coke to vent his frustrations.
Playtime's over, kid!
~ Frank threatening Hit-Girl before they battle each other.
This would be the guy that looks like Batman.
~ Frank in the opening when he's torturing Tre, one of his dealers.
Let me tell you the problem I got with that, Tre. Our mole with the Russians tells things a little different. According to him, you've sold him my coke and you took the money
~ Frank telling Tre the truth he heard about him aside from his side of the story.
Let me see, Tre. Hey, what's more likely? That you're a greedy little c-cksucker, or that all my coke was stolen by Superman?
~ Frank interrogating Tre about his double-crossing him and selling his drugs for money.
~ Frank silencing Tre when denied again that his attacker resembles Batman like he claimed earlier.
My son is waitin' out there in the car to go to the movies. And I aint gonna disappoint him
~ Frank discussing his plans while leaving Tre to be tortured for his betrayal.
Joe, you're in charge
~ Frank ordering his men to torture Tre by cutting off one of his fingers with a bolt-cutter.
That's gotta be the worst f-ckin' excuse I ever heard, Tre.
~ Frank bemoaning to Tre about his betrayal during the tortures he inflicts on him.
What you kidding me? I have one hundred guys that can fix a problem. You gotta befriend some guy in some panty-hose?
~ Frank to his son Chris when told he wants to become like Kick-Ass.





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