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We do what we always do with a rat. Exterminate him.
~ Frank Donnelly ordering his men to kill Elliot Stabler.

Detective Frank Donnelly is a major antagonist in the second season of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Donnelly is a long lost friend of Detective Elliot Stabler who works at a nearby precinct and is the leader of a criminal enterprise full of NYPD police officers.

He was portrayed by Denis Leary, who also portrayed Gil Mars in Small Soldiers and Fallon in Judgement Night.


Early Life

Donnelly's father worked as a police officer with the NYPD. His father worked at the same precinct as Detective Elliot Stabler's father, Joseph. As a result of their father's friendship, Donnelly and Stabler also became friends as well until they lost contact in 2002.

Organized Crime

In 2022, Donnelly reunites with Stabler at a bar close to the precinct he works in. Donnelly reintroduced himself to Stabler but Stabler recognized him as the son of his father's best friend. Donnelly then tells Stabler that he reached out to Captain Olivia Benson and that Stabler needs a brother to have his back right now. After Stabler was suspended from the task force, Stabler started becoming friends with Donnelly's group of cops who work at the same precinct. Stabler then visited Benson and Stabler's current partner, Ayanna Bell, at the precinct where it was revealed that Stabler was investigating Donnelly for taking bribes from the Marcy Killers.

While in the car, Donnelly responds to a murder at a house nearby. Donnelly asks Stabler to wait in the car while he enters the crime scene but Stabler didn't listen to him. Donnelly met with Parnell at the house and then found a dead man on his living room floor with stolen drug money lying around him. Donnelly ordered Parnell to take the money and hand it to him which was witnessed by Stabler. Stabler pretended to be a dirty cop and asked for money which Donnelly gave him. However, Hugo and Flip informed Preston Webb about the stolen drug money and suspected that Donnelly was involved.

Webb ordered Hugo and Flip to retaliate and take out Stabler and Donnelly. While they were in the car, Donnelly and Stabler were held hostage by Hugo and Flip before Stabler shot Flip but only wounded him and Stabler and Donnelly fled the scene. After working with Stabler, Donnelly requested that Stabler be transferred to the 37th precinct. Stabler was transferred and went undercover again as himself to infiltrate Donnelly's gang. While Donnelly and Stabler got involved in another robbery, Donnelly got shot and was taken to the hospital. After Donnelly was discharged from the hospital, Donnelly met with Stabler and the gang at the bar. Donnelly then told Stabler a story about Joseph and what made him a hero to NYPD officers.

After Santos and Stabler planned a heist, Donnelly infiltrated their plans and ordered Santos to allow him to be involved. Stabler backed up Donnelly on the claim and Santos allowed Donnelly to be apart of it. After Stabler and Santos successfully robbed a man, Donnelly changed the plans and took the diamonds from Stabler and took the man to the airport from Santos. After the man started becoming hostile with Donnelly and attempted to attack him, Donnelly retaliated and attempted to attack him with his gun but accidentally shot him in the head where he bled to death.

The next day, Donnelly was called to meet with Webb after a crate of guns was stolen from him. Donnelly brought Stabler to the meeting which Webb allowed. Webb then ordered Stabler and Donnelly to investigate the person who stole the crate of guns but Donnelly declined. Webb then picked up a gun from another crate and shot it repeatedly missing Stabler and Donnelly. Stabler agreed to do the job for a whole load of money which Donnelly argued with Stabler about. While completing the mission, Donnelly and Stabler tracked down the officer which allowed the guns to be stolen and Donnelly held him hostage before shooting him.

Donnelly then backed out of meeting with the man who really stole the crate of guns and Stabler met with him alone. After he was arrested by Stabler's team, Stabler attempted to approach Donnelly at his house. However, Donnelly's wife answered the door and started going into labor. Stabler drove Bridget to the hospital so she can give birth to her baby. After giving birth to the baby, Donnelly arrived at the hospital and thanked Stabler for being there for him.


To avoid getting arrested for the crimes that he committed, Donnelly stepped on the tracks of a moving train during a chase with Stabler. Stabler tried to convince Donnelly to let him arrest him but Donnelly refused. The train got closer to Donnelly and Donnelly was hit by the train in front of Stabler's eyes.

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