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Frank Flipperfist is a recurring antagonist in Paradise P.D. He is a flipper person who runs illegal businesses such as drug dealerships and dogfighting arenas.


Frank Flipperfist first appeared in the episode "Ass on the Line", where he was the primary suspect of being the distributor of argyle meth. Kevin and Bullet went down to the dogfighting arena to speak with him. Frank insisted that he wasn't involved with argyle meth as even he isn't bad enough to sell that. However, he quickly took a liking to Bullet, saying that he admired his stature and rough exterior.

Frank asked Bullet if he wanted to join the dogfight and Bullet refused. While Frank left to get some beer, Kevin told Bullet that if he joined the area, then he'd be able to get closer to Frank's business and hopefully uncover his argyle meth case, still being suspicious of him. When Frank returned, he offered a glass full of broken shards of glass to the duo and Kevin felt obligated to drink it.

Upon further inspection, Kevin realized that Frank was in fact, innocent. However, when he wanted to leave, Bullet still continued to dogfight. Kevin overheard a conversation, where Frank said he was going to put Bullet against a steroid-injected pitbull who was for sure going to win the fight. Kevin tried to warn Bullet that his next battle was a suicide mission but Bullet didn't want to hear it and called Frank to escort Kevin out. Frank attempted to shoot Kevin with a gun but thanks to his flipper hands, he was unable to fire the gun and angrily left the room, flipping him off.

In "Task Force", Frank Flipperfist worked as the manager of Dusty Marlowe's apartment, demanding that he pay the rent or get kicked out.

In "Christmas in Paradise", Frank was one of the people to gather around the Christmas tree. He was joined by his son Jerry Flipperfist.

In "Paradise Found", Frank Flipperfist was introduced as one of the members of the Legion of Dooooom, along with Jerry Flipperfist, Pedro Pooptooth, Edna Dorsaldigits, Puffy the Cigarette, and Pat Robertson.

In "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", Frank and Thester Carbomb IV planted a time bomb under Randall Crawford's car. However, Kevin saved Randall before he could get in.


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