Frank thinks he's one tough dude, but if you're fairly experienced, he won't give you much trouble. Be sure you're well-supplied when you face him.
~ The Earthbound Player's Guide on Frank Fly.

Frank Fly (Frank-Sama in Japanese) is the leader of the gang, known as the Sharks and a minor antagonist in Earthbound.


Frank is a fair-skinned blond man with mohawk. He wears black sunglasses and a red tuxedo.


Frank Fly first appears in an arcade, after Ness defeated one of the Sharks. He either attacks Ness with knives or he says something nasty to him. After he is defeated by Ness, he uses his robot, Frankystein Mark II to defeat Ness. After Ness destroys the robot, Frank tells Ness about a Sanctuary location which is guarded by the Titanic Ant. Frank starts working at a Burger Shop.

Frank appears near the end of the game when he prays to help Ness defeat Giygas.



  • It is possible that Frank is in his teens or early twenties, as when Ness talks to him, he says that he's still "underage".


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