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Frank Hobbs is the main antagonist of the film version of the Who's Tommy. He is the "uncle", later stepfather of Tommy and develops a relationship with Tommy's mother Nora. What counts him as a villain, for one thing, is that he kills Tommy's biological father, Capt. Walker, surprisingly, in front of Tommy. Because Tommy witnessed it, even through a mirror, he convinced the boy he never saw or heard it and would never talk to anyone, and those words came true: Tommy got blind, deaf, and dumb.

As Tommy grows, Frank insists on leaving Tommy with evil relatives Cousin Kevin and Uncle Ernie, to the objections of Nora. Of course, he never is aware of the one thing Nora doesn't like about Kevin, as he gets away with it. However, the second time, when he gets back, he hears Uncle Ernie molesting Tommy. Though he doesn't actually see it, as he finds Ernie covering it up by pretending to read a newspaper, he burns the paper.

When Tommy regains his senses, eventually, Frank plans on overpricing Tommy's holiday camp.

He is played by Oliver Reed in the film.

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