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The meat is mine.
~ Frank once he spots Waylon.

Frank Manera, also known as The Cannibal, is a major antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower, a DLC expansion of the 2013 survival horror video game Outlast. He is the first significant enemy that Waylon Park needs to escape from.

He was voiced by Edward Yankie.



Frank Antonio Manera was born in 1976. His father is named Antonio Manera. Little is known about Frank's past, only that he is 36 years old, and has been admitted to the asylum on October 31, 2010. According to the doctors of the Murkoff Corporation in the Mount Massive Asylum, Frank Manera doesn't eat almost anything (hiding the fact that he's a cannibal).

In 2012, Frank Manera ended their queries, being taken to the Morphogenic Engine (a fact that was hidden from his father). Later, Frank Manera becomes a very dangerous Variant, that the overwhelming majority of the time, ended up attacking defenseless other Variants and even stronger Variants.

Outlast: Whistleblower

In 2013, The Walrider is freed and Frank Manera escapes, along with several other Variants.

Frank Manera killed several guards, mutilating them and ate their flesh. When Waylon Park met for the first time with Frank, he was devouring a body of a random doctor in the cafeteria. After that, Frank Manera chases Waylon Park, deciding to take ownership of his meat and murder him with a circular saw, as well as many other ways. Eventually, he ambushes Park and restrains him. As he was about to murder him with the saw, he paused and noticed a nearby furnace. Frank decided to throw Park inside the furnace and lock him inside, intending to burn him alive. However, Park manages to escape the furnace, much to Frank's anger, who resumes chasing him.

Waylon manages to escape Frank permanently, and eventually the asylum itself, leaving Frank locked inside.

Frank is not seen again, but its highly likely he survived as when the private military contractors stormed the building on the orders of their higher ups to contain the situation by exterminating all hostiles, referring to The Variants. The soldiers only killed some variants in the actual building while Frank was trapped inside the recreation block which is completely locked up and isolated from the actual building, it's likely Frank continued to prowl the recreational and kill and eat the variants inside.



  • On Insane difficulty, Frank can kill Waylon with one hit.
  • The pre-release screenshots show Frank at the front gates of future levels, where in the final version of the game, Frank was left behind in a locked hospital.
  • Frank, the Walrider, Pyromaniac, Dennis, and the Twins are presumably the only antagonists who survived the series of Outlast.


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