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Frank Morgan is the main protagonist of the Chick Tract entitled "Sorry".


The tract starts at a local prison. While at the prison, a man named Commissioner Gordon informs the sheriff that the Governor wanted all the prisoners from pod #4 released so that they could make more room for future inmates.

One of the inmates from pod #4 was a young man named Frank Morgan. In the past, Frank had broken a police officer's jaw, shot at him, and nearly beat him and another police officer to death along with having even ran over a neighbor's dog at one point. Suddenly, two police officers went to the Sheriff to discuss Frank's release from prison and quickly resigned from their positions, and presented their badges to the sheriff. The sheriff was horrified at the position he was in.

When his family heard the news that Frank was returning home from prison, they didn't know what to do. His wife and daughter feared for their safety. When Frank arrived, he went to the sheriff's house, and asked him to forgive him for his crimes against him and the sheriff accepts the apology. He then went to his house and gave his family balloons and flowers as a means of apologizing to them for his past behavior. He even bought a dog as a replacement for the neighbor's dog that he ran over. 

Later on, he goes to a church and talks about how when he was in prison, an unnamed chaplain slipped a few religious tracts into his cell, and he read them, and repented of his sins. The preacher then asks his congregation if they would accept Jesus into their hearts, and they all raise their hands in unison.


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