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Franco "Frank" Pagani is a supporting antagonist in the 2016 videogame Mafia III. He is one of Sal Marcano's lieutenants and the family's main connection to Cuba. He also runs the Tickfaw Harbor district of New Bordeaux.

He was voiced by Jack Conley, who also played Big Daddy from The Purge: Anarchy.



Frank's father was a criminal who robbed banks for a living. Frank's career started in 1939, working the docks of River Row and had a wife and baby on the way. Unfortunately, both her and the baby die, during labor so Frank hops on a boat and never looked back. This leads to Frank living with a death wish and during the time ends up working with the Marcanos, moving contraband.

The Marcanos work him like a dog, but it does not bother him as it keeps his mind off the grief. When Sal opens up a casino in Cuba, his younger brother Tommy begins to run them and Sal has Frank keep an eye on Tommy. But when Fidel Castro gains control over Cuba, Frank helps Tommy escape the country in one piece to which Sal would never forget. As a reward for saving Tommy, Sal gives Frank control of the rackets in Tickfaw Harbor. Frank balks at first but soon realizes he can still head out to sea whenever the mood hits him.

He eventually settles back down and remarries, also having a couple of daughters.

Mafia III

Twenty-nine years ago in 1968, Frank's rackets are attacked and taken by Lincoln Clay who then tracks down Frank at Pagani's Fine Motors and chases him down to eventually killing him after revealing Sal's plan with the money plates stolen from the heist.

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