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You telling me how to bully now? Big mistake, Morty. Now I'm gonna cut you, 'cause my family's rich-(groans).
~ Frank Palicky's last words to Morty before being frozen by Rick.

Frank Palicky is a minor villain from the Rick and Morty pilot episode. He is Morty Smith's bully at Harry Herpson High School.


Frank was a student at Harry Herpson High School. He came from a rich family and was presumably able to get away with bullying because of his family's wealth.

One morning, Morty Smith casually wished Frank a good morning. Frank, believing Morty to be making fun of him and calling his family poor, grabs him and shoves him against the locker, pulling a knife on him. When Morty tells him that the knife wasn't necessary, Frank gets even angrier, believing Morty was now telling him how to bully.

He then proceeds to tell Morty that he was going to cut him, and that he'd get away with it because his family was rich, before Morty's grandfather, Rick Sanchez, arrives and freezes Frank with a freeze ray in order to have Morty help in retrieve some mega seeds from another dimension.

After they leave, Rick promises that Frank would be fine and that he'd unfreeze him when they got back. Soon afterwards, Morty's older sister, Summer (who apparently has a crush on him) walks up to the frozen Frank and tries to talk to him, but Frank falls over and shatters, dying. Later, when Beth and Jerry are at the school, Summer and several other students are seen holding a memorial for Frank.


  • He was voiced by Ryan Ridley.
    • According to the DVD Commentary for "Pilot", his voice actor Ryan Ridley wants to reprise the role, and has suggested it since the new universe was opened in "Rick Potion No. 9", but Harmon and Roiland did not seem interested and said the character was supposed to die from the beginning anyway.
  • Obvious likeness to Trent Reznor has been noted by the show's fans.
  • He is also similar to Henry Bowers as they had reasons to be psychopaths. There is a difference, Henry became evil due to abuse from parents at a poor, violent home. Frank became evil due to insecurities about his family's socioeconomic status.
  • The Group of Bullies in Season 4 are possibly his cronies, they possibly want to avenge Frank's death.



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