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Frank Slater is the main villain in the 1998 Disney movie Meet the Deedles.

He was played by the late Dennis Hooper who also played President Koopa in Super Mario Bros, Howard Payne in Speed.


Frank is a bitter former Yellowstone National park ranger who plans to divert the hydrologic process of Old Faithful through Pipes into his own geyser New Faithful on an anniversary celebration for Old Faithful.

His plan is discovered by the Deedle brothers who plan to stop him. They parachute onto his land and get captured by Frank's henchmen Nemo and Crabbe. With the help of their prairie dog friend they put on protective heat suits and halt the diversion of superheated water to New Faithful and restone Old Faithful. This causes a reaction that creates an explosion on Slater's land, creating a natural wave poll

Later Frank, Nemo and Crabbie are arrested.