Anytime you got one of them down-home sheriffs, you always got a town full of vigilantes.
~ Frank Stillwell

Franklin "Frank" Stillwell is the main antagonist of Disney's 1975 live action film The Apple Dumpling Gang. He is the greedy leader of the Stillwell Gang and Amos and Theodore's former boss.

He was portrayed by the late Slim Pickens, who also played Naman Tucker in Hawmps?.


Despite being the main antagonist, his role in the film is small. Frank is the leader of the Stillwell gang and the former boss of Theodore and Amos. However, Amos accidentally shot him in his left leg and they were kicked out as a result.

He hears about the gold nugget Bobby, Clovis and Celia Bradley find and plans to steal it. He impersonates a priest and goes to the bank it's in, but Bobby, Clovis, Celia, Theodore, and Amos get in the run. As Stillwell and his men haul the gold from the vault, Theodore and Amos run inside with guns and dynamite, but are quickly subdued. Displeased by the reunion with his former henchmen, Stillwell orders Mayor Sharpe to lead them to the stagecoach, but Clovis kicks Stillwell’s lame leg, causing him to scream in pain and resulting in his gang dropping the safe onto Amos' feet. Presuming the approaching stagecoach is the law, a member of the gang sets off a gun battle with the townspeople, who return fire.

Stillwell decides to escape without the gold and takes Celia hostage instead. Donavan and Dusty give chase and as Donavan jumps aboard a hijacked fire wagon, Dusty grabs Celia. The fire wagon careens into a river with Stillwell and Donavan fighting aboard. After Donavan takes control and pulls Stillwell to the riverbank, Sheriff McCoy and the townspeople arrive and arrest Stillwell, while Amos and Theodore blow up the bank. The next day, Donavan is awarded $5,000 for Stillwell's capture.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, he had only around 13 minutes of screen-time.
  • Amos and Theodore are often confused for being the main antagonists. However, Stillwell is the real main antagonist, as he had bigger plans than anyone else.


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