Frank Stockburn is the main antagonist in The Ridiculous 6.

He was portrayed by Nick Nolte.


Frank was a notorious bank robber who fathered six sons with different mothers, who would eventually come to be known as The Ridiculous Six. He meets up with Tommy and tells him that he is dying of tuberculosis, and that he has accumulated $50,000. Just then, Cicero and his bandits show up and kidnap Frank. When Tommy and his brothers show up at Singing Windmill, the other five (Chico, Danny, Ramon, Lil' Pete and Herm) finally meet their long-lost father. However, Frank betrays them by revealing that he had joined forces with Cicero in exchange for $50,000. He and his group kidnap Smoking Fox (Tommy's fiancee), leading Tommy to chase them inside a mine. After Tommy successfully captures Frank and rescues Smoking Fox, Frank is then left to rot inside the mines.


  • Though Cicero was the one who drove the plot, Frank was the true main villain because he had bigger plans.
  • Frank is similar to Max Mordon: They started out as an ally to the hero, but were revealed to be against them and in cahoots with criminal organizations. They even pretended to be kidnapped in order to cover up their true plans.
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