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The fun will never end!
~ Frank and Howdy while singing.

Frank and Howdy are the secondary antagonists in The Amazing World Of Gumball episode "The Puppets", and they also appear in the mini-series "Waiting for Gumball". They used to be Darwin's childhood toys (alongside Grady), until they turned evil and wanted to play with him.

Howdy was voiced by Rebecca Sloan, who also played Sketchbook and The Lamp, and Frank was voiced by Joseph Pelling.


Frank is a tall puppet with different sized pupils, a long pink nose, and purple lips. His face and body is covered in purple and blue dreadlocks.

Howdy is a medium-sized puppet with a spherical teal head and blue body. Her hair (which covers the upper half of her face), legs, and arms are yellow.


While Gumball and Darwin were putting their old toys in a sack for the yard sale, Darwin is delighted to discover his old childhood puppet toys, Frank, Howdy, and Grady, but Gumball tells him they’re too old to play with toys and tells Darwin it’s time to grow up. Despite this, Darwin plays with Frank and Howdy anyway.

After Gumball caught Darwin playing with his old toys, he tosses them in the garbage can. Later that night, Frank and Howdy pop out of the garbage can and crawl back in the house with Grady. They destroy Gumball’s gaming console and reveals that now Frank and Howdy are controlling Darwin. They tell Gumball that if he wants to see Darwin again, he will have to go to their world to play. Leaving no choice, Gumball puts on Grady, and transports him to a bizarre puppet world.

At a house, Frank and Howdy continuously play with Darwin while they sing, “The Fun Will Never End”. They then torture Darwin by slapping a cake off of his hand, and making him dance uncontrollably. Gumball intervenes and rescues Darwin, but Grady traps them.

Darwin and Gumball, now as puppets, continue to get tortured until Darwin defeats all the three puppets by pulling Grady’s left arm off, ripping Howdy’s left eye off, and tore apart Frank’s stomach, and the whole puppet world explodes.

Its unknown what happened to Frank & Howdy afterwards


Dance around and sing a song! The fun will never stop, yeah!
~ Howdy
We have fun all day long, It says so on the clock!
~ Frank
So wear a hat, wear no hat!
~ Howdy
Or wear two hats, if you prefer! We only have two hats, So those are your only options.
~ Frank
So put them on and bake a cake!"
~ Howdy
And while you wait for the cake to bake, Begin to prepare a second cake."
~ Frank
You did it wrong with that first cake.
~ Howdy
It's your turn with the balloon!
~ Frank





  • Both Howdy and Frank's appearances are seemingly based on one of the main characters from the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series (Howdy with Yellow Guy; Frank with the Red Guy). Along with Grady, all three puppets were voiced by the creators of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.


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