We helped you, so you have to help us.
~ Frankie to Thomas, Journey Beyond Sodor

Frankie is the (former) main antagonist of Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor.

She was voiced by Sophie Colquhoun.


At first glance, Frankie appears to be an honest, friendly, empathetic, and helpful diesel shunter. But underneath her benevolent and charming outside, she is a devious diesel engine. She is very controlling and manipulative, and can act rude to others. Several times throughout the entire movie, she tries to convince Thomas that he must stay and help her because she and Hurricane helped him.

When Frankie is pushed to the limit, she acts very aggressive and recklessly. When she found that Thomas and James were attempting to escape the Steelworks, she began forcefully attempting to trap them by any means necessary, whether by chasing or derailing them.

However, underneath that temperamental, apathetic, and crafty exterior, it is revealed that she only acts the way she does because she just wants help from the other engines due to the busy work schedule that she and Hurricane currently have.




  • Frankie is the first Thomas & Friends villain to be a female.


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