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Hostile? You got that right. You ain't no golden goose, you're a yellow rat snitch, and you got Maroni all twisted.
~ Carbone to Peguin

Frankie Carbone is a character in the first season of Gotham. He is the second-in-command and best friend of Salvatore Maroni and got murdered by Oswald Cobblepot.

He was portrayed by Danny Mastrogiorgio, who also played Toni Cipriani in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Frankie Carbone is the loyal friend and right-hand-man of Salvatore Maroni. When Don Maroni's restaurant is robbed, Frankie arrives with some guys to investigate. Although they believe the takings have been stolen, they find dishwasher Oswald Cobblepot hiding with the bag of money. Frankie informs Maroni, who later promotes Cobblepot to restaurant manager after the previous one was killed in the robbery. Unknown to them however, Cobblepot himself instigated the robbery in order to get close to Maroni.

Frankie begins to despise Cobblepot and his rise in Maroni's favor. When they go along to kill Carmine Falcone's gang member Nikolai, Frankie later turns on Cobblepot and plans to kill him. However Cobblepot thought ahead and paid off Frankie's two henchmen to now work for him. As the henchmen held Frankie, he was repeatedly stabbed to death, and Cobblepot finished off by kissing the dying Frankie on the forehead. He passed away from his injuries, and Cobblepot told Maroni he was killed in the shootout.

Maroni would later come to the conclusion behind the truth of Frankie's death, especially after being tipped off by Fish Mooney that Cobblepot was working for Falcone as a snitch. In a plan to get back at Cobblepot, Maroni revealed to his mother Gertrud how her son had murdered his friend, thus shattering her illusions that he was just a night club owner and respected businessman.


  • In the comics Frankie appeared in Batman: The Long Halloween as a minor antagonist.
  • In the mobster film The Goodfellas, there was a gangster named Frankie Carbone.


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