Francis Lombardo, also known as Frankie, is the main antagonist of Kangaroo Jack. He is one of Salvatore Maggio's henchmen and Charlie's archenemy.

He was portrayed by Michael Shannon, who also played Rick Carver in 99 Homes, Colonel Richard Strickland in The Shape of Water and Captain Beatty in the 2018 remake of Fahrenheit 451.



While not much is known about Frankie's home life or origins, it should be noted that at some point, either before or during the summer of 1982, he was detained in juvenile hall, where they named a wing after him. Somehow, he became acquainted with Salvatore Maggio, a mafia leader who took Frankie underneath his wing and began to groom him to be his successor since Charlie declined. 

In Kangaroo Jack

Frankie's first appearance in Kangaroo Jack is in a flashback to the summer of 1982. A younger Frankie is shown to be trailing Salvatore Maggio as he interacts with Charlie Carbone's mother, although at some point he breaks away to go play football on the beach. Frankie sees Charlie and tells him to go long for a pass: unfortunately, Frankie's pass is too far for Charlie to catch, and it lands in the ocean. Frankie smirks as Charlie attempts to retrieve it, but due to the strong undertones and the fact that he can't swim, Charlie begins to drown. It is at this point that Louis Booker jumps in to save Charlie, and as a large crowd forms around the saved boy, Frankie is shown to have an expression reminiscent of disappointment as he tried to drown Charlie. 

Twenty years later, in 2002, a grown-up Frankie is now the right-hand man to Sal Maggio. However, when he finds out that Charlie and Louis lost the money (to a kangaroo, no less), Frankie and his goons personally head to Australia to reclaim the money. In the climax, after Charlie and Louis get the money back, Frankie reveals that he wants to kill Charlie and Louis because that's what Sal was paying Mr. Smith to do. When the police turn up in a helicopter, Frankie tries to escape, but Charlie (using his newfound bolo skills) hurls a bolo at Frankie. Frankie and his goons are taken into custody, along with Sal.

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