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Franz was the ringleader of a gang of international thieves who robbed a Burger King. He had a goatee and wore a business suit with a striped tie. Whilst escaping from the police, Franz and his gang took refuge in Pioneer Village, taking Mr. Garrison's class and the employees hostage and killing the sheirff. During the thieves' stay in Pioneer Village, Franz was continually annoyed by the employees' refusal to break character, to the point where he executed Ol' Smithy for refusing to tell him the door code to the mine shaft.

Franz was defeated when Stan Marsh told Murderin' Murphy that Franz was the one who had "killed his pa," and Murphy angrily tackled the criminals' leader. This gave the police, stationed outside of the village, the opportunity to storm in. All of Franz's gang except for ne man were killed and Franz himself was arrested.

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