I know I'm unworthy.
~ Franzee to Despero.

Franzee (also called Lieutenant Franzee) is a Kalanorian soldier and a high-ranking member of the Legion of the Third Eye led by Lord Despero and a minor antagonist in Justice League.

He was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum.


Franzee is a native citizen of Kalanor who became a lieutinant of a battalion of Legion troops that belonged to the same fanatical cult under the leadeship of Despero himself.

The Kalanorian Resistance movement, allied by 2 Green Lantern Corps members Katma Tui and John Stewart, escaped that squardron led by Franzee after they attacked the rebels before Green Lantern Kilowagg with the help of Stewart's 2 fellow Justice League heroes the Flash and Hawkgirl joining the fight against the Legion of Third Eye. Franzee soon retreated and reported back to both Krizblack and their master Despero at the Legion's temple palace.

Despero was not pleased, and sent him on a punitive walk into the desert without provision. He would be cleansed of his unworthiness if he waited until he saw a vision from Despero.

Franzee was pleased and overjoyed, and set about, walking into certain death before the Legion of the Third soon disbanded and Despero was no more.


  • Franzee's voice actor, Michael Rosenbaum is the same actor who also voiced the Flash in Justice League.