This will really go on to create a massive spacequake. Why did you give the Dáinsleif emission rights only to Commander Itsuka?
~ Fraser to Elliot Woodman.
Fraser Douglas is a minor antagonist in the Date A Live franchise who first appear in Volume 12. He is also one of the two secondary antagonists of Itsuka Disaster Arc alongside Gillian Almsted.

Fraser is one of the employees of Ratatoskr and one of the 'S' Board of Directors.


He is described to be a man who bears great physical characteristics that resembles that of a rat. His most distant accessory is his monocle.


Fraser is shown to be quite cowardly, impulsive and greedy when Elliot offered him and and the other executive members one percent of Asgard Electronics’ shares for every minute that passes. Additionally, he is also shown to be a opportunist when Shido was losing control over his powers and willing to committed destruction.



Fraser is a executive member of Ratatoskr and provides some of the funding necessarily the organization from day to day. However, he along with Roland Claiton and Gillian Almsted, didn't have the same goal of saving Spirits as of Ratatoskr's founder Elliot Baldwin Woodman, but only participate because of the potential power that the Spirits can bring, and will not hesitate to abandon them if they become to much of an inconvenience.

Berserk Shido

After Shido have been corrupted by the powers of the Spirits sealed inside him, Claiton saw a great opportunity to kill him to prevent the same disaster that occurred 30 years ago. However, Elliot's goodness did not allow bloodshed there. Claiton, getting impatient, stole the S Terminal key and shocking Elliot and other members of the Round Table, finally decided to end Shido, even if it meant killing hundreds of innocent along with all Spirits.

The Punishment

After Ratatoskr's directors unforgivable betrayal due to Claiton's actions, Elliot was enraged and very disappointed with the members and punish Claiton, Fraser and Gillian. It is unknown what happen to the directors, but is assume that they were arrested after their crimes.


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