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Frau Pech is a recurring antagonist in Grimm a well renound and quite old Hexibiest, she was contacted by Adalind to help Adalind make the negotations over her child.


She first visited Adalind in her hotel room in Vienna, where Adalind informed her the child she was carrying was of royal blood, realising the wealth the child could bring, she agreed to help.

She managed to arrange a meeting between Adalind and Stefania Vaduva Popescu, the two had known each other for a long time, but were not on good terms. Together they arrived at the Gypsy camp, she assisted Stefania in preparing the tools for determining wether Adalind's child really was royal. She later got into the negotations over the price, however she was shocked when Adalind revealed she didn't care for the money and instead wanted them to restore her powers, which Nick had stripped from her.

However she later began to suspect they were planning on double crossing her, after spotting Stefania leaving Adalind's room, and later went to see Adalind warning her not to betray her and let her "womb become her tomb". She later informed one of Prince Eric's servants (who was secretly a spy of Sean Renard) that there was a child of royal blood from outside the families.

Feeling certain they would double cross her, Frau Pech attacted preparing a potion, she had a man drug Adalind's food, then sneaking in used the potion to make herself look like Adalind, and Adalind look like her. On cue, Stefania called, having come up with a plan to betray Frau Pech. She went to her still disguised as Adalind, planing to learn there plan. There Stefania revealed she had known Frau Pech for a long time, and knew she would suspect what they were upto, she pressed her for the plan, and she revealed she would call her and invite her over under the pretence of betraying Adalind. Then once there, one of her sons would sneak up behind Frau Pech, groat her and they would cut out her heart as it was necessary to make the only way to restore Adalinds powers. Frau Pech enquired if it would work, Stefinia replied "where just have to wait and see."

At that momment one of her sons groated Frau Pech into unconiousness, and Stefania revealed she had anticipated this, as they did the spell was broken and she returned to her normal form. They then proceeded to cut out her heart still beating to use in the spell.


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  • Frau isn't actually her name, its simply the formal way to great a grown woman in German.