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Freaks are a villainous species, appearing as hidden antagonists in Crackdown and supporting antagonists in the sequel of the game. They are mutated humans that would attack any individuals (especially Agents and civilians) in sight.



Freaks are abnormal and deformed humans, the aftermath of Dr. Baltazar Czernenko's failed experiments. In accordance with the reports given to the Shai-Gen co. by the disturbed doctor, they were fabricated to be their own version of Agents. It is far more possible, however, that he constructed them only because he could.

Freaks are first met by the Agents as they attempt to take down Czernenko. As a result of taking down Czernenko, the Freaks are released into the Corridor and begin appearing around the Institute of Research in pairs, attacking any civilians they sees.

Crackdown 2

The Freaks from the second sequel were the result of Catalina Thorne's revenge on The Agency and Pacific City,not the result of failed experiments. Catalina Thorne created the M2448 virus when she was a research partner at The Agency Laboratory. After her experimentation discovered, she was kicked out, and when she became a leader of the Cell, she took vengeance on Pacific City by infecting the hobo with the M2448 virus during "Free Medical Consultations". These are the Freaks, or abominations, that haunt Pacific City at night.

Catalina rejects these allegations.


Freaks come in many types, from the recently-infected Ramblers and Scroungers to the most evolved form, the Goliath. Stronger Freaks possess all of the mutations developed by the previous forms.

  • Rambler (Menace: 2/10 - Mutation: Spawning; dumb and low)
  • Scrounger (Menace: 3/10 - Mutation: Spawning; more powerful and more intelligent)
  • Slinger (Menace: 3/10 - Mutation: Acid Spit)
  • Screamer (Menace: 5/10 - Mutation: Broken Up Acid Sac [unleashes acid when dead] )
  • Reaper (Menace: 8/10 - Mutation: Acid spit; brilliant; dangerous)
  • Pounder (Menace: 8.5/10 - Mutation: Advanced Strength; agile; can use scenery as a weapon)
  • Freak Agent (Menace: 9/10 - Mutation: Daylight Tolerance; acid spit; agile)
    • Note: Freak Agents shall be present only during the last mission and KTTC.
  • Goliath (Menace: 10/10 - Mutation: Advanced Size and Armor)

Freak Acid

Judging from their threat secreted from the sac, there are three stages of Freaks mutation:

  • Green Acid - Small Menace Stage
  • Yellow Acid - Standard Menace Stage
  • Red Acid - Big Menace Stage
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