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Is that a feather joke?
~ Fred to the Narrator, one of his only two speaking lines.

Fred is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network original series The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "I See a Funny Cartoon In Your Future". He is a mischievous and pickpocketing goose who works as the psychic sidekick to the faux fortune teller named Madame Argentina.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Fred worked as the sidekick of Madame Argentina, assisting her in picking the pockets of unsuspecting civilians of The City of Townsville, while she pretended to be a fortune teller, and gave them their fortunes. Madame Argentina would pretend to be a nice lady, who gave people things such as palm readings and tarot cards, but this was really all an act, as she didn't really know what she was doing. She was conning people out of their money, and charged people $10 each for their readings. On top of that, her sidekick, Fred, would steal some extra money from the customer's pockets, while she gave them their fortunes in the first place.

While Madame Argentine was scamming The Mayor of Townsville out of ten dollars, Fred stole the key to the city from his pocket. After The Mayor left, and before he noticed the key was gone, the duo disappeared, leaving The Mayor locked out of his own city.

The Powerpuff Girls pretended to be one man in a trench coat, and visited Madame Argentina, posing as an unsuspecting costumer, hoping to catch her in the act. However, while Fred tried to pick their pocket, he stuck his head into the trench coat and saw Buttercup, quickly blowing their cover. The two fled the scene, and The Powerpuff Girls' plan fell flat.

Madame Argentina bought voodoo dolls of The Powerpuff Girls, which hindered them for a while, but after escaping, The Powerpuff Girls bought a voodoo doll of Fred, and used it against them, to finally stop them. The Powerpuff Girls took the voodoo doll of Fred home with them and got ready to cook it on the grill. Just then, Madame Argentina and Fred flew over The Powerpuff Girls' house in their Astral Plane, where Madame Argentina spotted the doll of Fred and quickly swept down there, to stop them, before they caused any harm. However, she came in too fast, which got the plane to crash land, sending herself and Fred rocketing into to grill, where Blossom trapped them both in with the lid.

Fred and Madame Argentina were burned to a crisp, and later, thrown in jail, where they never picked anyone's pockets again, and all of their stolen trinkets were returned to their respective owners.


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