Fred Casely is the secondary antagonist in the black comedy crime musical Chicago and all of its adaptations. He was an adultering furniture salesman who cheated on his wife with Roxie Hart.

In the 2002 film he was portrayed by Dominic West who also portrayed Simon Ambrose in Johnny English: Reborn


Casely lived with his wife and five children in Chicago during the 1920s, however he was an unfaithful husband who would regularly cheat on his wife. Fred met fellow adulterer Roxie Hart sometime prior to the events of the story and played his way into her desires for fame and a spot on stage by claiming he had a friend in show business who was interested in new talents, this satisfied her enough to continue to have sex with him behind her husband's back.

During the events of the story Casely and Roxie left a local bar were Velma Kelly had been performing solo after killing her husband and sister and headed back to Roxie's apartment to have sex. After concluding their intercourse Casely revealed the truth behind his manipulations, telling her that there was no agent that he knew and he only told her that to get her into bed with him. Roxie increasingly irritates Fred to the point of him snapping at her and demanding the two remain faithful to their own spouses and not see each other again.

Enraged Roxie shoots Casely with a revolver three times killing him instantly. Instead of taking the blame herself Roxie attempted to force her husband Amos to take credit for the murder, saying that it was in defense of her life. Upon hearing that Fred Casely was the victim however Amos was confused blowing the cover of Roxie and having her arrested anyway.

In spite of this however Fred Casely's name was ruined in his death by Billy Flynn thanks to his campaign for freeing Roxie resulting in the story of Casley's death being twisted in order to free Roxie and paint Fred in a bad light. The campaign ended up being succesful in the end making Roxie a free woman and Fred an unbeknownst scapegoat in her crimes.


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