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Thinking he is alone... breaking, entering... the dark and lonely place-places ... finding a... big gun ... smelling like a rose.
~ Fred Frenger Jr.'s poem

Fred J. Frenger Junior is the protagonist villain of the thriller/black comedy film Miami Blues. He is portrayed by Alec Baldwin, who also portrayed Mark Cordell in The Juror, Nick Kudrow in Mercury Rising, Larry Quinn in The Cat in the Hat, Dennis in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Makunga in Madagascar 2: Back to Africa, Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross, Jed Hill in Malice, Kennebrew Beauregard in BlackKk Klansman, and Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live.


Frenger, who likes to be called "Junior", is a cunning, violent sociopath who has just been released from prison. On his first day of freedom, he assaults and murders a Hare Krishna who had annoyed him. He then checks into a hotel and orders a "massage" from a prostitute named Susie. Junior's sly charm wins the naive Susie over, and they become a couple.

Meanwhile, Junior attracts the attention of Sgt. Hoke Moseley, who suspects him of the Hare Krishna murder. Moseley knocks on Junior and Susie's door on the pretext of asking them routine questions about seeing anything suspicious, and Susie invites him to eat dinner with the couple. Junior senses that Moseley is on to him, and the next day breaks into the policeman's house and attacks him, stealing his badge, gun and dentures. He uses the badge and gun to pretend to be a cop and gain entrance to a neighboring house, which he robs. Junior begins using the badge to pretend to be a cop and break up robberies, only to keep the money for himself.

One day, Junior tries to break up a robbery at a grocery store, but the thief gets the better of him and hits him with his car. He realizes that the "straight life" has made him "soft". Meanwhile, Moseley engineers a "chance meeting" with Susie, and warns her that Junior is a criminal. She begins to fear her new boyfriend, who is growing increasingly unstable and violent. 

Junior asks Susie to drive him to a pawn shop, which he promptly robs. He kills the pawnbroker, but not before the man chops off most of Junior's fingers. When Susie sees what Junior has done, she drives off and leaves him. Moseley, who has been tailing Junior, chases him to the hotel, where he shoots and mortally wounds him. As he dies, Junior taunts Moseley that Susie will get him.