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Fred Gee is a supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street.

He was portrayed by Frederick Feast.



Fred was born in 1934, having had one brother and sister. At some point, he married a woman naed Edna, and in 1974, Fred met the residents of Coronation Street when he atteneded Edna's fortieth birthday at the rovers, but the next day, Edna died as result of a fire, which left Fred distraught.

Starting work at the rovers and beyond

Fred got an interview to with Annie Walker to be a ceellerman at the rovers. After Fred presented a polite and respectable image he got the job but after a few weeks no longer felt the need to keep up the act. Fred was hated by his colleagues Betty Turpin and Bet Lynch. While he shared their feelings he also fancied Bet, as Fred was quite leecherous and had affairs with several women, including Vera Duckworth. Fred ran a scam where he offered to put bets on for the rovers regulars but kept the money for himself. This caused problems when a horse Mike Baldwin put money on won a race and Fred had to steal from the rovers till to pay him back. In 1981, when Mike's father Frankie conned Fred, he demanded Mike pay him compensation but Mike refused. In the same year, Fred married Eunice Nuttall.

In May of 1983, Fred tried to seduce Bet by by offering to take her out for the day. Bet agreed, but didn't want to be left alone with Fred and got Betty to come with her. During the trip, Fred's car rolled into the lake as unknown to Fred Brian Tilsley hadn't finished the repairs, forcing Fred to have to rescue Bet and Betty. Later in the yea,r Fred tricked Stan Ogden into confirming that Eddie Yeats' girlfriend Marion was pregnant and then announced it to everyone even though Eddie politely asked him to keep it quiet. Fred gave Eddie a black eye when he tried to stop him from telling everyone. Despite the incident, Fred sincerely wished Eddie luck just before he left the street.

In 1984 Fred had Jack Duckworth steal his car so he could claim on the insurance, but Jack ended up getting arrested and Fred had to come forward to get his friend released. He planned a scam in which he would win his own raffle, but his plan backfired when Percy Sugdenn drew the winning ticket. Fred tried to attack Percy, but was stopped by Terry Duckworth.

When Annie's son Billy Walker took over the place, he soon clashed with Fred. After talking to Ken Barlow later on, Billy got the idea to goad Fred into hitting him so he could sack him without paying redundancy. Fred then got a job for Mike, but was sacked when he got involved in a shirt selling scam with Jack that involved pretending to be Mike Baldwin. After this, Fred was never seen again though the Duckworths later learned from Eunice that he died of a heart attack.