Fred Gibbons is the former chairman of Malarek Uk, the animal testing company in the book Man Vs Beast by Robert Muchamore.


In the mission briefing for Kyle Blueman, James Adams and Lauren Adams, who are planning to infiltrate the Animal Freedom Militia, Malarek is talked about a lot, with it being stated that Malarek is guilty of animal cruelty as it tests household products on animals. Animal rights group the Zebra Alliance, led by Ryan Quinn, waged war on Malarek, at the time lead by Fred Gibbons. Quinn was eventually imprisoned, and Gibbons gained support from the government, who gave him permission to continue working. This lead to the formation of the AFM, resulting in four female members breaking into Gibbon's house and beating him savagely with bats before leaving a warning that next time they would kill him and they "know where his children live too". This lead to Gibbons resigning and being replaced by Clyde Wainwright.


  • He is one of three antagonists in Man Vs Beast not to appear in the book, the others being Wainwright and Derek Miller.
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