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Fred Pacer is a minor antagonist in Pixar's 12th feature film Cars 2. He was a Lemon who is a member of the Pacer family, and one of many thugs of Professor Zündapp.


Fred Pacer is first seen in an abandoned warehouse in Tokyo, Japan with other Lemons as they torture American agent Rod Redline after he was discovered to infiltrated the Lemons' secret oil rigs. Fred watched as Grem tortured Redline with an electromagnetic pulse emitter after the Lemons filled his tank with the supposed alternative fuel called "Allinol" before he is killed by Professor Z when he realizes Redline gave secret information on the Lemons' leader to a tow truck named Mater.

During the first race of the World Grand Prix, Fred joins Acer and some other Lemons to attack Mater when they discovered him to be in the pits. However, Agent Finn McMissile showed up to protect Mater from the Lemons. After getting rid of Tyler Gremlin, Finn was apprehended by Fred and two other Lemons where Acer attempted kill Finn with a flamethrower. As Fred and the other Lemons brought Finn closer to the flamethrower, the agent quickly jumped up and landed on Fred and another Lemon, sending the Lemon that was behind him to crash into Acer. Fred and the other Lemon proceeded to fight Finn, but Finn used his magnetic wheel to grab onto to Fred and throw him into the elevator. Finn then used his machine gun to cause the elevator to violently go up and crash into the roof, which kills Fred. After killing the other Lemon, Finn watches Mater leave where Fred's and the Lemon's corpses to the top of a building.


Like all the other Lemons, Fred Pacer was cold-hearted and evil where he was willing to commit murder just to achieve any goals in becoming rich. He was willing to kill secret agents and even innocent civilians when they become caught in the Lemons' plot. Fred was shown to be strong and tough as he restrained Finn McMissile and attempted to fight him which led him to underestimate the spy's skills.


Fred is a 1975 AMC Pacer, that is painted pale yellow which seems to be losing its color and has a rusty bumper and four rusty brown wheels. His license plate says "FSHBWL."



  • Fred's license plate says "FSHBWL."
  • The inscriptions on his die-cast version's tires read "Road Hug - Rack and Minion", which is the same on Acer's tires.
  • Fred's diecast packages refer to him as both "Fred Pacer" and "Fred Fisbowski".


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