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Won't you be my neighbor?
~ Robo-Rogers

Fred Rogers is the host of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. He has appeared in a number of Robot Chicken skits, being portrayed as a stone-cold murderous villain, who often kills the co-workers on his own show either for making small mistakes or for no reason at all.

He is voiced by Mikey Day in "Mr. Robo-Rogers' Neighborhood", Masi Oka in "Japanese Mr. Rogers", and Seth Green in "Bloopers! Two".


In "Toyz in the Hood", there was a leaked blooper from an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. In it, Mr. Rogers was doing an episode of his show, when he got an electric shock from the trolley as it was passing by. He called over his stage manager, Peter to the stand to scold him for his design flaw in putting the electric trolley too close to the lake full of actual water. Peter apologized and swore he'd fix it but Mr. Rogers didn't care. He then simply grabbed him by the head and drowned him in the lake.

In "Celebutard Mountain", a Japanese version of Mr. Rogers came in to do his show. In it, he saw a trolley go through a tunnel to The Land of Make Believe, where it was destroyed by Godzilla.

In "Ginger Hill in: Busting Pipes", Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood got a reboot called "Mister Robo-Rogers' Neighborhood", where the corpse of Mr. Rogers was revived with mechanical technology turning him into a cyborg. Using his new robot body, Mr. Rogers physically attacked everybody around him and destroyed everything. He crushed a turtle to death, ripped Mr. McFeely's arm out of its socket, smashed Lady Aberlin's head to bits, and then used his laser eyes to destroy everything in the room and ultimately, canceling his show once again.


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