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Freddie is a minor antagonist of Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring.

He was voiced by Billy West.



Freddie first appears with his dimwitted partner Joey bullying a young, baby mouse called Nibbles. When Jerry gets put in the cage after he and Tom are found by the kind old lady (Tom is mistakenly put in a dog cage with Spike and Tyke), Freddie believes they have a royal mouse in the house, due to the magic ring on Jerry's head.

When Nibbles giggles, Freddie and Joey turn their attention back to him, telling Jerry they'll get back to him when they're done "talking" with the baby mouse. When Jerry discovers their bullying, he gets mad and tries to stop them. Freddie and Joey just laugh, and head over to Jerry angrily. Jerry gets into one of 2 cars in the mouse-hole and runs away, which Freddie and Joey get into the other car to chase him.

As Nibbles watches the others, they crash into a wall in the cage. Freddie and Joey do "body work" and open up Jerry's squashed car, launching him into the air and onto the floor. Freddie and Joey proceed to grab Jerry by his ears as Nibbles gasps, strapping him to a hamster wheel. Freddie spins Jerry around, and he and Joey go back to tormenting Nibbles. After the wheel stops spinning, Jerry becomes dizzy and melts, freeing him. Jerry springs back, and notices Freddie and Joey bullying Nibbles again.

As Freddie grabs Nibbles, an angry Jerry storms over to him, snatches Nibbles and tosses him aside. He goes head to head with Jerry, and uses the ring's power to turn him and Joey into cheese wedges. Nibbles intends to eat them, but they escape. Jerry helps Nibbles by growing him to a large size using the ring. Nibbles jumps out of the burst open cage, and chases Freddie and Joey out of the pet store.

Freddie and Joey appear again near the end of the movie, still stuck as cheese wedges being chased by Nibbles, behind Tom being chased by his pursuits.

It is unknown if they escaped, turned back into mice or got eaten by Nibbles.


Freddie appears in the GBA game based on the film as a boss. He attacks by punching and throwing you. However, unlike in the film, Tom fights him instead of Jerry.

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