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Hey, what is this? I got 22 years on the force. Who you gonna believe, me or some eggplant?
~ Parisi displaying his racism

Freddo Parisi is the main antagonist of the Law & Order episode "Poison Ivy". He is a corrupt, racist police officer who murders a Black drug dealer he was in business with.

He is portrayed by John Finn.

Early life

Parisi is an NYPD police officer with 22 years of experience. He is also greedy and corrupt, secretly does business with the drug dealers he investigates, skimming off the top of their profits in return for not arresting them. He semi-openly hates Black people, frequently using racial slurs when in the company of his fellow officers. He was involved in a shooting early in his career.

In "Poison Ivy"

When Tommy Richardson, one of the dealers he is business with, threatens to turn him in unless he reduces his take, Parisi shoots him dead and plants a gun on him, claiming that Richardson attacked him after he intercepted a drug deal. His superiors accept his story, eager to make the matter go away, but Sergeant Max Greevey does not believe him and starts investigating. Greevey and his partner, Detective Mike Logan, question Parisi at his home, but he bristles at beinbg second-guessed for killing an "eggplant".