Frederic Francois Chopin
Don't you all understand? This entire world is my dream!
~ Frederic before the final battle.
Frederic Francois Chopin or simply known as Frederic, is one of the main protagonists and later final boss in the 2007 video game Eternal Sonata. He was voiced by Mitsuaki Madono in Japanese and English dubbed by Patrick Seitz. He is based on the real-life genius musician of the same name.

In the final chapter

After Count Waltz and Legato were destroyed, everyone moved on through the dark portal with Frederic ahead of them. It led them to the field of flowers in Tenudo, where it was in ruin and covered in red clouds. Feeling that everything was nothing more than a dream, Frederic turned against everyone and attempted to fight them, hoping that he would be defeated in battle and that his soul would be permitted to leave his body (although he wasn't holding back).

After the final battle, he rose up and felt that it wasn't really a dream anymore and was shocked that Polka fell off the cliff (though he wasn't remorseful about intentionally fighting his friends). However, Polka rose back and the flower field was restored (though it's unknown what became of everywhere else since it was his "dream"). In the real world, Frederic's soul did leave his body at 2 in the morning and was heard playing the piano.


  • Frederic was based on the Polish composer of the same name where they both died at the age of 39.
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