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Frederick DeLamb, also known as Baron Bedlam, is a major antagonist in the third season of Young Justice, and a posthumous antagonist in the fourth season. He is a security guard for the monarchs of Markovia. He was against meta-genes and sought to make laws to outlaw those who possessed them. It was revealed that DeLamb was the leader of an illegal child trafficking ring called the Bedlam Syndicate.

He was voiced by Nolan North, who also voiced the Penguin in the Batman: Arkham series, Dr. Branden Moses in Generator Rex and David in the The Last of Us.


Frederick DeLamb was a high-ranking security official for the Markovian monarch. He maintained a positive image of himself as he secretly ran the Bedlam Syndicate along with Count Werner Vertigo. He was also behind the abduction and experimentation of his own niece, Tara Markov, by having one of his associates, Helga Jace, experiment on her. As a result of DeLamb trying to separate Tara from her family, she ended up working under Deathstroke. He plotted with a conspirator to murder his sister and brother-in-law who were the king and queen of Makovia. When the assassination was successful, Frederick murdered his minion so that no one can find a connection to him and the assassinations.

Due to the assassinations, Brion and Gregor step up to power in Markovia and Frederick DeLamb tried to gain more political power in Markovia. The Team and their allies also tried to investigate a major trafficking ring that takes place in Markovia. It was later revealed that DeLamb had Dr. Simon Ecks abduct dozens of children and subject them to brutal torture by drowning the children in black tar to test if they had the meta-gene. The experiments led to the deaths of multiple children who were later seen buried en masse at unmarked graves away from his secret facility. DeLamb would also have the children sold off to slavery if they test positive for the meta-gene.

As Frederick DeLamb's plan continues, he meets with his team to discuss the next steps to stop any intruders or outsiders from interfering with his business. Frederick goes onto national television to lie and blame the meta-gene trafficking and illegal activity on his nephew Brion. Brion, with his new meta-gene powers confront DeLamb at a social event where Brion tried to tell everyone that he was innocent. As Frederick defended himself as Brion and his magma powers, Frederick unintentionally revealed that he had the meta-gene. Frederick tried to explain that he had the power so that he can fight against the meta-gene. However, no one believed him. After an intense battle, Frederick is defeated by the combined efforts of the team and their allies and imprisoned.

Frederick DeLamb concocts another scheme with Werner Vertigo and his associates to break out of prison so that he can lead a coup against the current government and take control of the country. Along the way, he mocked Brion and Tara for losing their parents. Frederick continued his fight against his enemies and was confronted by Brion where they had a long exchange of words. Frederick vowed that he would not stop coming after Brion and despite all that had happened which enraged and prompted Brion to murder him in front of the spectators nearby.

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