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NOTE: This article is about the British redcoat floruit the eighteenth century. The Shadow Demon that possessed him and assimilated his identity can be found here: Frederick Gideon (Demon).

I am Captain Frederick Gideon of the Crown's 23rd Infantry.
~ Frederick Gideon in the second season.
I broke down the barrier between our world and a world far greater. And it was at that place that I merged with something of unspeakable power.
~ Frederick Gideon in the third season.

Frederick Gideon is the posthumous overarching antagonist in the TV series Locke and Key. He is a British Captain active during the Revolutionary War and the first to discover the dimension behind the Black Door, at which point a demon possessed him and he willingly served as his host body.

He was portrayed by Kevin Durand, who also played his demon in the same Netflix series, Mika in The Captive, Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ricky in Real Steel, Setrakus Ra in I Am Number One, and Black Knight Ghost in Scooby-Doo.


The American Revolution

Come on, you can do it! Or perhaps… you cannot. And worst of all, your death will mean nothing.
~ Frederick Gideon to Peter Locke.

In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, Frederick Gideon rose among the ranks of the British Empire to become a tyrannical and widely dreaded Captain among the military hierarchy, taking up the reins of the Crown's 23rd Infantry when the war against the individualistic Americans began. He terrorized untold innocents upon the North Shore, murdering innocent people who either got in his way or were suspected as rebels against the crown.

One night in 1775, he came upon rumors that a man named Peter Locke was manufacturing weapons and stockpiling terroristic armaments for the enemy. Gideon already knew Peter and had enmity with him, and so he decided to personally investigate. He brought a group of redcoats that included Howe and knocked on the door to what would become Keyhouse Manor someday. Recognizing the despotic commander, Peter greeted him coldly and defied his orders to allow him to conduct an investigation, on account of his family's slumber. Gideon had a moment to smirk at the idea of being forbidden entry, and then Peter quickly shoved him backward. Appalled, Gideon retaliated and threw him to the ground before seizing his collar, reminding him of his position among King George III and admonishing his cold shoulder. He proceeded to loudly order the redcoats to search the house.

The search proved fruitful, and the redcoats uncovered within the attic eight pounds of presumably unauthorized gunpowder and stolen British guns, emerging with Miranda Locke and a second woman hostage. Chuckling at the womens' terrified cries, Gideon allowed the redcoats to help themselves to anything in the house they desired, with wagons available to load it. Peter rightly reprimanded him for abusing his position to commit theft, to which Gideon kicked him to the snowy floor. He explained the mutual nature of his relationship with his men. With all the profits on board, Gideon resolves to set Miranda and her mother on fire, implying that the house would be next.

When he was about to immolate the two women, Benjamin Locke intervened and opened fire, aided by Captain Crais of the local militia. Taking up his rifle, Frederick Gideon ordered the redcoats to move off the line and fall back, mostly to ensure the horses did not come under fire. One of the redcoats beseeched Gideon to hurry, but then he was pinned to the ground by Peter. Holding back the knife pointed at his forehead, he began taunting him with his superior strength before rolling over, turning the tables, and stabbing him through the cardiac region. As Peter's life force ebbed away, Gideon taunted him that his legacy would be infinitesmal. Seeing his men were outnumbered by the ambush, Gideon finally resolved to take the horses toward the main trail and avert the skirmish, leaving the profits behind.

Discovery in the Drowning Caves

We make our stand here.
~ Frederick Gideon to his redcoats.

In his evasion of Benjamin's inevitable retaliation, Frederick Gideon and his men come upon a sea cave overlooking an unforeseen dead end. Sending the horses away and freeing them into the wild as a diversion, he and his men climbed down a hill to investigate. He announced that they would hide here until the Minutemen finished their search and that in remaining on the tide lines, they would be safe there. Hearing soothing yet enigmatic probing noises, Gideon shushed an apprehensive redcoat with a rhythmic hiss and slowly approached a knob where the noises seemed to be coming from.

Gideon's touch immediately activated a portal to another dimension. A demonic bullet issued by one of the Children of Leng surged out of a blue galaxy-like mist, to which Gideon twisted his neck to evade. Not knowing what it was, he bent down and picked up a bolt of Whispering Iron. A redcoat had bad news — the enemy had found them. Gideon immediately resolved that the redcoats would make their stand before the dimensional opening.

In the ensuing gunfight, Gideon took a couple of shots before seeing that Howe was in danger and yelling at him to dodge. Howe failed, and an orange bullet struck his neck and the demon within possessed him to attack men on both sides. Gideon looked on with horror and bemusement. The Americans blasted Howe back through the portal, causing him to vanish forever. Seeing this, Gideon rose to his feet and stood spread-eagled before the Black Door, allowing himself to be possessed by a demon. He acted as a host body until he was executed by the colonists for his war crimes.


Here I am, obsessing over a horrible person, but now… it's over.
~ Josh Bennett

Frederick Gideon was remembered by history as a great enemy of the Lockes, not only being recorded in formalized history books, but being heavily inferred by male entertainers dressed as redcoats at a festival when they eccentrically recalled events from the Colonial Period. Having inherited his journal, Josh Bennett became obsessed with studying him for a long time, giving up on his studies following a near-death experience in the sea caves in which the demoness possessing Eden Hawkins had sought to revive Gideon's disembodied brethren of demonic stock. Mere days after that, Eden used the Echo Key to unleash Gideon from the void, not initially knowing he had been possessed, and intending for Gideon to help her open the Black Door. The demon was still using Gideon's body as its host when he returned as an echo, and he immediately dropped Eden into the center of the Wellhouse, killing her, before escaping.

The demon continued using Gideon's body as his vessel in the 21st century as the demon enacted his plans to merge both worlds, which would destroy the human one. In the end, the demon is killed by Kinsey Locke with the Alpha Key and, as he's dying, the demon is kicked by Nina Locke through a portal to the demon realm. As an echo, the real Frederick Gideon would've survived the separation from the demon, much like Lucas Caravaggio survived being separated from Dodge. However, due to the dying demon being kicked into the portal, Gideon is left stuck in the demon world.


Frederick Gideon is a ravishingly and harrowingly beautiful middle-aged man, with fair skin, platinum blonde hair, and blue eyes. He is slender and muscular and often wears a scarlet tunic with several rows on lace and cuffs to signify his high rank among the 23rd Infantry. While his physical appeal fills in more objective gaps than Javi, Sam Lesser, or Scot Cavendish by far, it is unclear how much attention his appearance was truly capable of garnering as a small handful of his interactions with others has ever been known. He speaks in a highly deep and sensuous voice.


I take good care of my men, and they take good care of me.
~ Frederick Gideon's approach to leadership.

Frederick Gideon was a proud and passionate war general who opposed American colonials with his ruthless, barbarous, redoutable, and calculating traits. Both before and after his possession, Frederick Gideon embodied mercilessness, megalomania, sadism, and above all despotism. Truly oppressive and chauvinistic, Gideon is ever eager to ruin the lives of colonial Americans, with Peter Locke calling him out on his complete lack of mercy, and Benjamin Locke citing he had gone far beyond monstrous in his megalomaniacal endeavors, although it should be noted they had made mortal enemies of a powerful and influential man. It is Josh Bennett who is ultimately the final nail; he accurately calls his own famous ancestor a terrible individual.

Gideon believed his self-righteousness and his power both gave him the authority to punish those he deemed unwilling or incapable of submitting to the will of the Crown. Gideon believed that when he stormed Keyhouse and moved to execute Miranda Locke and her mother, Peter's suspected connection to the Revolutionaries rendered his cruel actions justified. He saw his unspeakable actions as harsh justice for the Crown, but his warped views ultimately amounted to a form of "might makes right". Gideon also demonstrates an entitled attitude, scolding Benjamin Locke for not offering him tea, although it should be noted that this haughty behavior was normal for British soldiers of his era. He is also the only known character to be possessed entirely of his own volition, going to show just how nonexistent the bounds are to his treachery and bloodlust.


I've opened a gateway between the two worlds.
~ Frederick Gideon
  • Master combatant: As a warrior and military figurehead, it is only natural for Gideon to have extensive combat and military training. Already a hand at unarmed combat, Gideon became even more skillful following his possession.
    • Expert marksman: Thanks to his training, Gideon is skilled with conventional firearms, as demonstrated with his two retaliations against Captain Craig and his men.
  • Genius intellect: Frederick Gideon is quite intelligent and well-read, with his intellect mainly extending to his superb understanding of warfare, as well as his considerable strategic, tactical, and leadership skills.
    • Expert leader: Gideon, as a captain in favor with King George III himself, was a highly skilled and experienced leader, having led his troops through the Revolutionary War by promoting a clear, distinctive, and compelling vision.
  • Master intimidator: Frederick Gideon is an astonishingly effective intimidator and could easily use his captivating appearance and prestigious rank to sustain respect among his redcoats. Merely having Miranda Locke and her mother escorted outside made them exceedingly fearful of him to the point of crying just from being in his presence. The only known individual to never show fear in his presence was Benjamin Locke, due to his experiences with the Minutemen, although it should be noted he did not dare insult him outright until he was possessed and then tightly bound on the brink of the abyss.
  • Indomitable willpower: Frederick Gideon has tremendous willpower, nearly emerging victorious in the Revolutionary War. Indeed, his unbreakable resolve greatly contributed to how the redcoats answered to him. Moreover, Gideon was capable of remaining steadfast and focused in his agenda. It was his willpower and absolute belief in his goal that made him such a dangerous opponent.


  • Journal: Frederick Gideon owned a journal, of which his demonic counterpart wrote of opening a portal beyond the known world, and eventually came to Josh Bennett, who threw it into the garbage can.
  • Rifle: Frederick Gideon possessed a long musket rifle, which he lost upon being possessed and captured by Minutemen.




  • Peter Locke †
  • Benjamin Locke †
  • Miranda Locke †


  • He is one of three villains (excluding various demons) to be exclusive to the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key, along with Chad Garland and Randy Lesser.
  • As Lucas Caravaggio survived being separated from his possessing demon due to being an echo, the same applies to Gideon. As Gideon was an evil man by himself in life even without the demonic possession, he could've turned into a major threat had Nina not sent the dying demon back its own world, particularly as the demon had destroyed the only means of getting rid of an echo.

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