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All these troublemakers are the last survivors of the Western Maryland Correctional Facility. Not me, though. I was the head guard. Ain't the end times something?
~ Roper, leader of the Free Radicals explaining the origin of the gang's members

The Free Radicals are an off-shoot of the New Appalachia Raiders an a antagonistic faction in Fallout 76.


After coming to Appalachia with the Raiders in 2103, the Free Radicals broke off from the New Appalachia Raiders and set up their own base of operations in the WV Lumber Co. after clearing out the Super Mutants that originally made the lumber mill their own. When rumors of treasure in Appalachia began spreading after someone named Crane had found it, the Free Radicals decided to get some answers from the only place they knew would have the answers, The Wayward, a tavern and motel south of Vault 76 near the town of Flatwoods.

Sending their operative Batter to confront Duchess, the owner and bartender of The Wayward, the Free Radicals later suspect that he had been killed as he had not returned for some time. At the same time, two other Free Radicals, one named Davey, are lured to the C.A.M.P. of who they believe is Crane, but is actually a resident of Vault 76. After Davey and the other Free Radical are either killed or spared with returning to their leader Roper with information that the treasure is in Washington, D.C. instead, hoping that Roper doesn't execute them for it, the resident then gathers a means to get into WV Lumber Co. without confrontation by acquiring some Stealth Boys and the Free Radicals' password, allowing them a peaceful entrance into the lumber mill to meet with Roper face-to-face. Offering to help Roper find the treasure in return for leaving The Wayward alone and a possible induction into the Free Radicals as well, the resident then sets about continuing to help Duchess and her crew until finding that Crane had become Scorched Wildlife, but still maintained some control over himself and having not completely fallen under the Scorchbeast Queen's hive mind. Following the trail to Gauley Mine, the resident finds a RobCo supply cache there, along with one remaining token to use in one of the dispensers for a two-star legendary weapon. After acquiring the weapon, the resident returns to The Wayward to find Roper and his crew holding Duchess and her group at gunpoint. Per their agreement with Roper, the resident can either convince him to take his Free Radicals and leave in peace, or slaughter them to end their threat for good. Convincing Roper to leave in peace, and becoming a member of the gang if the right choices were picked when meeting with him earlier at WV Lumber Co., earns the resident the Radicals Face Mask as a thanks from Roper and his crew, who leave Duchess and her group alone at long last and return to their base, at peace, and somewhat friendly terms, with the Vault 76 resident.


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