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Well well you just walked into the wrong house, my friend! Freed Sellzen here at your service, and you must be the scared little pussy who's devil ass this holy priest is going to exorcise!
~ Freed introducing himself to Issei

Freed Sellzen is a recurring antagonist in the light novel High School DxD, as well as its anime adaptation.

He is a stray exorcist who first allied with the Fallen Angels in Raynare's plot to steal Asia's Sacred Gear until he betrayed her by leaving her to die at the hands of the Occult Club. He later Kokabiel's plan to start another war between the angels, fallen angels, and devils.


Freed is a young man with short white hair and red eyes. As a priest, he was dressed in clerical clothing and often had a disturbing smile on his face. As a Chimera, he had a massive body, thick arms and legs, and sharp fangs coming out of his mouth. He also had a single bat wing and an extra arm coming out of his back.


A battle maniac, Freed preferred violence over logic, spoke in a vulgar way, and was somewhat insane and psoychotic. He killed monsters and Devils for the sake of his own pleasure. He hates Devils. Freed was also shown to be a pervert, as he once threatened to rape Asia for disobeying him and even asked Raynare to have sex with him in exchange for saving her from Rias. He is also traitorous when Raynare failed to acquire "Twilight Healing", Freed betrayed Raynare by leaving her to die without a moment hesitation.


Freed previously trained at the same institution as Siegfried, and was considered to be a genius exorcist at the age of 13. Freed, however, did not believe in God from the start, as he only wanted to kill monsters. Eventually, he became a wanted criminal at the Vatican and was forced to run away, joining the Fallen Angels in the process.

He murdered Issei's client before attacking Issei who (at the time) was lacking any battle experience, and nearly killed, Asia screamed when he was about to kill her that interrupted him, he asked what she was doing. She protected him, she cried and begged him not to kill him. He was annoyed and slashed at her clothing. Issei told him not to touch her. He still got mad that she did not do anything with the barrier. Gremory Team arrived to save them. Freed aggressively hurt Asia for not doing anything with the barrier. When Issei, Yuuto and Koneko went to the abandoned Church to rescue Asia Argento, Freed reappeared in front of them, revealing that he was working under Raynare and battled the three of them before retreating after being at a disadvantage. After Raynare was defeated by Issei, Freed showed himself again with Raynare ordering him to save her but was rejected by Freed who then betrayed/abandoned her and retreated after proclaiming that he would be the one to kill Issei.

Freed shows up again, this time as Kokabiel's underling after they stole three of the Excaliburs. When Issei, Koneko, Yuuto and Saji formed a temporary alliance with Xenovia and Irina Shidou to destroy the Excaliburs, Freed showed himself to them, wanting to test the power of Excalibur Rapidly before retreating with Valper Galilei as Irina, Xenovia, and Yuuto chased them. After Kokabiel fended off Irina, gravely injuring the girl, Freed was handed the four Excaliburs: Rapidly, Transparent, Nightmare, and Mimic by Kokabiel, prior to them being fused together. Freed then used the Fused Excalibur to battle Yuuto and Xenovia but ultimately lost after the revelation of Durandal and was cut down. His body was retrieved by Vali Lucifer along with Kokabiel and was reattached by Azazel before he left the Grigori and joined the Khaos Brigade.

During his time in the Khaos Brigade, Freed's body was modified into a Chimera and during Rias and Diodora's supposed Rating Game, devouring Diodora's two Knights before being cut down by Yuuto in a flash and was killed.

Powers and Abilities

As an Exorcist, Freed wielded a light sword and an exorcist gun which shoots special light bullets, both of which were extremely dangerous to Devils. During his alliance with Kokabiel, Freed wielded three of the seven Excaliburs: "Excalibur Rapidly", "Excalibur Nightmare", and "Excalibur Transparency", prior to them being merged with Excalibur Mimic in order to form the Fused Excalibur.

During his appearance in Volume 6, he had been transformed into a Chimera and had higher physical abilities than before.


"Punish the wicked". Words to live by. Yes, wise advice to heed from a holy man. (snickers sinisterly)
~ Freed's Introduction
Summoning you was proof that he's done being human. END OF THE LINE, SINNER! So I had to chop him up into little bitty pieces.
~ Freed to Issei about the person he just murdered
Putting down degenerate devils and the lost souls that would cry out to them is my job, and no one is better at it than me!
~ Freed explaining to Issei what he does
First I'm going to cut out your evil heart with my heavenly blade of light,then with my righteous gun im going to blow a hole in your wicked demon face,HOW DOES THAT SOUND DEVIL?!
~ Freed drawing his weapons before fighting Issei
These bullets have been blessed by an exorcist,HOPE THEY TASTE GOOD SCUMBAG!
~ Freed after shooting Issei in the leg
Ooo is the devil angry? Maybe it's time for Freed Sellzen to send you back to the abyss from whence you came!
~ Freed mocking Issei
What the hell?Asia what are you doing here?Are you done creating the barrier already?
~ Freed to Asia after she interrupts his battle with Issei
Right a newbie,well then I guess it's time you learned.This is what the job is my dear,we dispose of unfortunate people who have been bewitched by the evil devils
~ Freed to Asia after she begs him not to hurt Issei
Not that this isn't heart warming but you and your friend here have no business being together.The Fallen Angels have expressly forbidden all forms of contact between our kind and theirs.Have you forgotten that already?
~ Freed coming between Issei and Asia
Now then shall we go ahead and do what we came here to do?!Not that it matters much,but I hope you said your prayers!
~ Freed preparing to kill Issei
That thing isn't a man it's a devil.You made a pledge to defeat our enemies.
~ Freed to Asia about Issei
You've lost you're FUCKING MIND! What are there maggots growing inside that stupid head of yours!
~ Freed to Asia after she prevents him from killing Issei
Our fallen angel friend says I'm not supposed to hurt you but I don't give a damn about that now,you know what happens to naughty girls don't you?
~ Freed to Asia
Why shouldn't an upstanding priest do what he wants with a filthy tramp like you?Thats not so wrong is it?
~ Freed threatening to rape Asia
Look boy you wanna watch this go down you're gonna have to pay for it nothing is free!
~ Freed to Issei
(Whistles)Well well think you can take me down?Then come over here and show me what you got!
~ Freed preparing to continue his fight with Issei
I'll admit I'm impressed whaddaya say we go for a new world record devil scum?Lets see how many pieces of meat I CAN CHOP YOU INTO!
~ Freed enraged after Issei punches him in the face
Hell yeah! Now we've got ourselves a good ole' fashioned gang bang!
~ Freed when Kiba Akeno and Koneko arrive
(Kiba:For a priest that's quite a mouth you've got there)What are you the Impiety police?Get off your high horse douchebag;hunting your kind is my only concern,so stop preaching and lets get on with it!
~ Freed to Kiba
(Akeno:My my this guy certainly is a piece of work)And you my dear are a hot piece of ass,oh those eyes are killing me,there's nothing I lust after more than a sexy devil bitch!
~ Freed lusting over Akeno
Well look who finally showed their tits.Don't get ahead of yourself though,cause I'm pretty sure I just hurt him.
~ Freed upon Rias' arrival
~ Freed upon realizing that Asia failed to make the barrier
Well shit,big red over there could be a problem I may need some backup.
~ Freed upon realizing that Rias is far stronger than him
(Koneko:(sniffs)Fallen Angels are here)(laughs)Just in the nick of time too,hope your hungry because light spears are on the menu!
~ Freed when koneko senses the arrival of Fallen Angels
(claps)So we meet again!Glad you could make it I bet I'm a sight for sore eyes huh?
~ Freed confronting Issei Kiba and Koneko in the church when they attempt to rescue Asia
Here's the thing I pride myself on the fact that I never have to battle any devil more than once and yet here you are just rubbing it in If there's one thing I won't abide it's being mocked by maggot devils in the house of God,so whaddaya say?Lets finish this!
~ Freed preparing to fight Issei Kiba and Koneko
The Thought of tearing away your flesh and eating it piece by piece makes my mouth water!(licks gun barrel)
~ Freed's Insane death threat to Issei Kiba and Koneko
(Issei:Tell me where she is!)Oh right,you mean that dirty devil-loving whore of a sister,all you have to do is go down to the basement shes right beneath the altar we're currently standing on.(Kiba:Downstairs)(Issei:Right)But first you have to go through me.
~ Freed insulting Asia and telling Issei Kiba and Koneko where she is before fighting them
You're pretty strong for a runt, aren't you?
~ Freed insulting Koneko.
Well, you're not so bad yourself. Of course, that only makes me wanna kill you even more.
~ Freed fighting Kiba.
I'll be damned if a bunch of devils are going to get the best of Freed Sellzen,you won the battle but not the war,scum! Ha!
~ Freed escapes after being bested
Neener neener yoo-hoo! It's been a while, hasn't it? Did you miss me? It's nice to see the playboy of the scum underworld has come to pay a visit.
~ Freed calling out to Kiba after murdering a priest
Such a wonderful reunion! It's bringing a tear to mine eye!(laughs Jokingly)
~ Freed faking happiness to Kiba
(Kiba:Unfortunately for you I'm not in the best mood today.)(Laughs hysterically)That's perfect I need some fun! These pussified priests are getting so boring
~ Freed preparing to fight Kiba
(Kiba:No that light,that aura it can't be.)Oh but it can! Nice timing! As penance for your previous actions let's have a little test to see which is stronger.So tell me what you think Will your filthy cursed sword be the one?(His tone begins to change and sounds more insane)Or do you think it's more likely the holy sword known as Excalibur will be the victor?!
~ Freed preparing to use Excalibur Rapidly against Kiba
(Chuckles)Time to die!
~ Freed attacks Kiba
Hasn't anyone told you to heed the faces you make? We wouldn't want our pretty little prince getting stuck that way. Luckily Excalibur isn't picky,IT'S SIMPLY HUNGRY FOR YOUR BLOOD!
~ Freed taunting Kiba
(Kiba:(with a visibly angry tone of voice)Thats enough,freak!)Now there's a tone of voice I never thought I'd hear come out of you.GOOD JOB!(laughs insanely)
~ Freed battling Kiba
That was cute,you win some you lose some.Nice try kid.(Chuckles insanely)
~ Freed after Kiba's holy eraser fails to destroy his Excalibur Rapidly
Thats the spirit!Get 'em Tiger!
~ Freed Insulting Kiba's attempts to hurt him
Aw,someone forgot to warn you.This holy sword absolutely despises devils.Phooey.
~ Freed insulting Kiba after he lands a painful hit on him
That's cheating!(Kiba:That's what devils do!)
~ Freed after Kiba trips him during their battle
Nice move,kiddo.(notices something behind him) Oh shit!(Kiba charges) I hate to cut this short but someone more important is calling!It's been fun that's all,folks!
~ Freed retreats during his fight with Kiba
I forgot to thank you earlier! (Kiba:For what?) (Saji:Is that the stray priest?) (Issei:You psychotic bastard!) Oh hi! If it isn't the little midget and friends!(Koneko glares angrily) Ha ha! Whoops! I mean "little lady!"Forgive me.
~ Freed to Kiba Saji Issei and Koneko
You know I was really looking forward to some good ol' priest hunting tonight,but all I found was a bunch of devils in costumes (Licks blade).
~ Freed expressing his disappointment to Kiba Saji Issei and Koneko
Oh my my 4 of you in 1 night? I'm overwhelmed by my own popularity!
~ Freed's disappointment changing to a bloodlusting joy
What's hysterical is that no matter how many brave little devils sling themselves at me,they are no match for this sword!
~ Freed's confidence in his sword
~ Freed attacks Kiba
Some have called the Holy Sword of Heavenly Flashes the "Excalibur Rapidly",but I don't.I call it the "Super Fast Sword"!
~ Freed explaining his nickname for the Excalibur Rapidly
~ Freed attacking Issei Saji and Koneko
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! This must be another one of those dragon sorts!
~ Freed after being grabbed by Saji's sacred gear
Why can't I get this off!
~ Freed beginning to panic
Look! It's Old Man Valper!
~ Freed acknowledging Valper's arrival
(Kiba:VALPER GALILEI!)(Valper:Hmph.The one and only.)One and only what old man? Make yourself useful and get this lizard tongue off me!
~ Freed expressing annoyance to Valper
(Valper:You need to pour all your energy into the blade of the sword.)Oh,is that all it takes? One energy cocktail coming up!
~ Freed charging up Excalibur Rapidly
It's making sense now if I figure out the perfect way to use the holy elements I'll continue to gain power.I like this game.
~ Freed learning the true potential of his sword
I have an idea. Why don't you all just stand there AND BECOME PREY FOR MY SWORD!
~ Freed preparing to attack
~ Freed to Kiba
What the-?
~ Freed's reaction to Xenovia and Irina's arrival
(Xenovia:Your both traitors!Hear me Freed Sellzen and Valper Galilei I condemn your souls in the name of our God!)How dare you say that!DON'T YOU EVER CROAK THAT DISGUSTING NAME IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN!
~ Freed enraged at Xenovia for using God's name
Aw so soon. Well. See ya!(Laughs Insanely)
~ Freed and Valper escape
(Laughs insanely)Found you little girl! You can run all you want but it seems your all alone now.So who's going to save you?
~ Freed to Irina
Oh yes the Excalibur Mimic.Don't wanna leave without that now do I?(Chuckles insanely)
~ Freed battling Irina
(Irina:Let me go you pathetic traitor!)(Tauntingly)What to do with pretty you?!
~ Freed after beating Irina
Well well well would ya lookie what we have here! If it isn't the "We all took the bait" Club,welcome, all of you. SO MANY DAMN DEVILS!
~ Freed appearing to Issei and the others after using an injured Irina as bait
Asia Argento.(Asia gasps) The traitor nun who gave her soul to the devils. How much do you love your new life as devil scum?!
~ Freed taunting Asia
Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on! Don't blaze the messenger,all right! Someone wants to talk to you,Red.(Rias:Which someone?)Heh heh...MY BOSS!
~ Freed to Rias
(Laughs maniacally)Don't you just love it when he lets his psychotic side shine!
~ Freed about Kokabiel
I'm starting to get excited about war too!AND LOOK I HAVE TOYS TO BRING TO THE PARTY!
~ Freed revealing the 2 Excaliburs he stole
The fun part is that every one of them is in hyper state and ready to be used! Who's your daddy?(chuckles)
~ Freed taunting Issei and the others while explaining the state of the swords
And I scored this holy sword of mimicry the Excalibur Mimic! It was a gift from that sweet little girl in pigtails.
~ Freed revealing that he stole Irina's holy sword
(Kokabiel:Freed!)You called! I'm here!
~ Freed being called by Kokabiel
You know that fancy Excalibur with those ridiculous specs?Surprise! I just got one as a gift!(his tone slowly shifts to one of Insanity)Now who wants the pointy end of this bad boy first? Well I'll just go ahead and chop up that devil and bitch believer a little then.THAT SOUND OKAY?!
~ Freed wielding the combined Excalibur
Have you met?Say hello to the "Chopper Rapidly!" So fresh! Such an amazing Excalibur! THIS BAD BOY CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN!
~ Freed using the combined Excalibur which he nicknames Chopper Rapidly
~ Freed Enraged at Xenovia after she kicks him in the face
It's not just mimicry you know!Yahoo!It's a nightmare!This is the power of the Excalibur Nightmare! Ba-dum,dum-dum dum!How do you like it,Princess?!
~ Freed unleashing his sword's power on Xenovia
(Valper:This crystal contains the correct quantity of the gene.It's the last one made from those pathetic little brats!) (laughs evilly)The other guys they tested the crystals on died halfway in because they were too weak to take all the gene goodness!If you think about it that way,you're lucky to be fighting ONE OF A KIND!
~ Freed and Valper attempting to break Kiba while Freed also reveals he is one of the only ones left infused with the holy sword gene nicknamed artificials
Gross! Another "moving scene" from the house of Gag Me Gremory! Now my skin is starting to crawl and is creeping me out! I CAN'T TAKE IT! I NEED TO HURRY UP AND KILL YOU! YES, THAT SHOULD MAKE ME FEEL MUCH BETTER!
~ Freed insulting Rias and her team and preparing to fight Kiba
~ Freed to Xenovia as they fight
MY SWORD BROKE! Are you fucking kidding me?! How could I be taken out by lame devil scum?! NO!
~ Freed when Xenovia and Kiba destroy his holy sword
Yo yo yo! Long time no see, suckers!
~ Freed returns as Rias and the others attempt to save Asia from Diodora Astaroth
Yes! Yes! I'm hard to kill, that's a fact. As you can see, I'm still totally alive and kicking!
~ Freed commenting on his supposed death during Kokabiel's attack.
After our last encounter I was scooped up by that whack-job Vali.To make a long story short the Khaos Brigade picked up the psycho-priest free agent standing in front of you.
~ Freed revealing he is a member of the Khaos Brigade
His knight? (laughs wickedly) I ATE 'EM BOTH! THEY WERE FINGER-LICKIN' GOOD!
~ Freed revealing he killed and ate both of Diodora's knights
(Laughing Insanely as his laughs get more deformed)(Gasper:Thats nasty!)(in a deformed voice)Since we're all old friends here, let me share a tidbit of gossip with you.It's a tasty secret about Diodora's household.You know,all those pretty young girls you just beat up? Every one of them was a well respected nun before Diodora got his greasy mitts on 'em a couple of 'em were even saints! (Xenovia:What did you say?!) Diodora the explorah loves bringing passionate holy women down to the depths of hell with smiles and sweet talk.That's how the freak gets off! (deformed hysterical laughter)
~ Freed after transforming into a Chimera
Once upon a time there was a spoiled highborn devil brat. He saw a holy woman that was as pretty as a peach. Blonde petite .I'm talking totally his type.But the woman was a guarded treasure of the church,so he knew there was no way he could kidnap her and get away with it. So,the clever devil brat came up with a plan. If the people of the church saw her healing an injured agent of Hell like him, then they would excommunicate her,so he took a chance. Once she hit rock bottom in despair over the church's betrayal he'd snatch the girl up when she was at her lowest and make her his completely!Ravishing both body and soul.A man's gotta have a vice! And Diodora loves breaking the will of little young girls like her more than anything else!
~ Freed revealing that Asia saving Diodora and being called a heretic by her chuch was just Diodora's plan to get closer to Asia
Look what we have here! It's the pretty boy knight who used his scary sword to cut me down last time we met! But,no hard feelings.I got this bodacious body upgrade because of you!
~ Freed prepares to face Kiba once again
~ Freed charges at Kiba
Oh come on! When the hell did you get so strong?! Well it won't matter soon.You chumps don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of beating the big shots pulling the strings.
~ Freed's last words



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