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Daddy needs what daddy needs.
~ Freedom Cobra forcing Master Shake to eat people.

Freedom Cobra is the titular main antagonist of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode with the same name. He is a talking green tattoo snake who tends to eat people.

He was voiced by Jim Brown.


Master Shake, in yet another of his failed attempts to attract ladies, decides to purchase a tattoo, of which Freedom Cobra is the only one he can afford. Shake initially seems pleased with his tattoo, before it speaks to him and tells him of his insatiable appetite. Shake eats Meatwad's dog whilst asleep, and attacks and eats Carl with a chainsaw under the orders of Freedom Cobra.

Frylock notices Shake's strange behavior (and Freedom Cobra's latest expansion showing it eating him and Meatwad), and takes him to a doctor. Frylock pays to have Freedom Cobra removed, but the doctor instead slices off his hands and feeds them to Shake, who's body is now completely covered with Freedom Cobra, and Shake states that nobody can see how sad he is "after I've eaten them!"


The Cobra is very hungry and ruthless. He wants his wearer to eat people, so he can take control of them.


  • "You'll never get any action in this downpour."
  • "It's me, Freedom Cobra."
  • "Well, surprise!"
  • "Calcium."
  • "Oh yeah? So are skulls, bones. HUMAN bones."
  • "All right then, we'll start there."
  • "Yeah, when you defecate!"
  • "Daddy's hungry. Daddy needs meat!"
  • "Hey! Daddy needs what daddy needs."



  • Freedom Cobra is considered as the darkest ATHF villain with no sense of humor.
  • Freedom Cobra is similar to SCP-021 the Skin Wyrm.


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