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I have to admit; This is new, monkey! This is definitely new! But a monkey is still a monkey, and I've killed plenty in my day. Millions. Literally millions. (...) What's the matter? Run out of quips? Cat got your tongue? No more words to fail? (...) You think now that you're this so-called Super Saiyan that you're better than me!? Lord Freeza!? (...) WELL, YOU'RE NOT! I own you! I own your planet! I own this planet! In fact... (charges Death Ball) F**K THIS PLANET!
~ Freeza while facing Super Saiyan Goku.

Freeza is one of the main antagonists of in Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, appearing as the main antagonist of Season 2 and the Bardock special. He is a the arrogant and sadistic leader of the Freiza Force, who seeks to gain immortality in order to rule the entire universe.

He is voiced by Martin "LittleKuriboh" Billany.


Much like any other character from an abridged series, this version of Freeza is slightly less serious, and a bit more comical than his main universe counterpart. Freeza largely employs black comedy into his rap sheet constantly making jokes about how many species he's killed, killing his henchman left and right, and his utter ownage of Krillin. His xenophobic tendencies are also heavily exaggerated from his main counterpart's characterization. When called out as being a racist, Freeza denies it and states that he couldn't be a racist if the species in question didn't exist in the first place. He also has a mental list of heroic speeches that were given to him by his enemies.


Much like the canon counterpart not much is known of Freeza's life before the beginning of the series except that he destroyed Planet Vegeta due to fearing the legends of it birthing a warrior that'd end his reign of terror. Freeza has mentioned that he used to spare the children but after many attempted to kill him while growing up under his reign he now kills everyone who defies him regardless of age. By the time of his debut he's fought apparently many warriors to the point he as a hobby keeps track of their heroic speeches. Upon hearing that Namek had a Dragon Balls and that they could grant him immortality he went to make his wish a reality.

Upon arriving Freeza started to kill many tribes to retrieve the Dragon Ball they guarded should they show resistance. As the season went on Freeza killed some henchmen to get a point across that he will not tolerate failure. Eventually he is forced to summon the Ginyu Force to help deal with the heroes and retrieve the Dragon Balls. However after they are all stolen and most the Ginyu Force is killed he becomes angered and decides to deal with the heroes by himself.


I can't believe we came all the way out here and spent a week in the space boonies for nothing! Seriously, I'm surprised we didn't hear banjos on the way in, because everybody's inbred and LOOKS THE F*CKING SAME! Not to mention I lost Dodoria and Zarbon, the latter of whom spent 400 credits making long-distance calls to his girlfriend, WHO, I AM CONVINCED, IS NAMED CHUCK!!
~ Freeza ranting to Ginyu after the Namekian Dragon Balls refuse to work.
Good Lord, I was led to believe your race survived entirely on water! How is he so fat?!
~ Freeza upon meeting Super Kami Guru.
Oh, I know! How about a good old-fashioned joke? How many Namekians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Their whole race! One to screw in the light bulb, and the rest to die... And then the other one dies too... Stop ignoring me...
~ Freeza trying to provoke Nail.
Well, maybe so, but I can't quite be a racist against a race that doesn't exist. Like the Clorfors. Dirty money-grubbing Clorfors. Tried to clorf me right out of my money. Blew those little bastards up is what I did.
~ Freeza after Nail calls him racist.
Why aren't the Ginyus showing up?!? Oh, they're dead. WHY ARE THEY DEAD?!?!
~ Freeza reacting to the Ginyus' deaths.
Oh, good. I'll stop by there on the way home; pick up some space eggs, some space milk and BLOW IT THE F*CK UP! Oh, I'm sorry, I'm usually far more composed. I'm just a little bit absolutely livid.
~ Freeza plotting to destroy Earth.
God Zarbon's dead, Dodoria's dead, the Ginyus are dead, this has been one giant mess. It's just like that jockstrap incident, only now I don't have Ginyu to dig up the holes.
~ Freeza remarking on his time on Namek.
Between you and the Namekian I think I've lost my touch at genocide.
~ Freeza to Goku.
Those... those eyes! They're the same as... No. No. NO! NO! NO! KILL! *BZZT* MURDER! *BZZT* DESTROY! *BZZT* EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!!
~ Mecha Freeza terrified by Super Sayain Future Trunks.


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