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I swear I'll make you pay for this. I swear it by my god. You'll meet your end at my hands.
~ Freid's vengeance toward Hajime

Freid Bagwa is the secondary antagonist of the web-turned-light novel series Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest. He is the general of Garland (home of Tortus' demons). He is one of the two main antagonists of the Demon Invasion Arc (alongside Eri Nakamura).

He is a devoted worshiper of Ehit. He was responsible for creating the monsters, the ones that Hajime eaten by clearing the Labyrinths, created by using "ancient magic". He is one of Hajime Nagumo's enemies.


Freid is loyal to his own species. He cares for their well being, as he doesn't want to waste lives when Hajime Nagumo killed one hundred thousand of his troops in a blink of eye, choosing to retreat having no other options. He is also quite vengeful, especially when his fellow demons, namely Cattleya and Mikhail, were killed by Hajime and his party and got serious injuries from Tio Klarus in her dragon form, whose attacks scarred him forever, wanting to make Tio pay for attacking and scarring him.

He is a devoted worshiper of Ehit. He will kill those who he deems as "heretics", namely those who are disloyal towards or insult the so-called "god", even once trying to kill Hajime by an ambush, which failed due to the synergist’s monstrous strength, causing that attack to only injure him.

Freid despised humans as they are considered as an inferior species. However, in the order of his land, he is willing to recruit the so-called "Hero Party" or kill them if they refused. He attempted to convince Yue to join to the demon side, only for her to refuse and insult him by calling him ugly, due to her loyalty to Hajime alone. Although his alignment with Eri Nakamura, he doesn't hold a complete trust for her but is willing to work together, due to Ehit's amusement on Eri.

Freid is also quite short-tempered, being easily irritated when people insult him, such as when Yue called him ugly, as he is prideful of his looks, when he foolishly thought of her as Ehit's "champion", or when Hajime called him the “foolish one” for his idiotic thoughts after he realized Hajime and his companions were never affiliated to the Heiligh Kingdom or the false heroes and cared nothing for them. He is even very irritated from the humiliating scars received from Tio Klarus.

Much like Daisuke Hiyama, Freid is also a weak, ignorant and cowardly dimwit, as his thinking has made a fool of himself due to him always trying to kill all those who are stronger than himself by ambushing them, taking advantage of their low guard. However, his tactics failed on Hajime, managing only to injure him, as he is still able to fight back, causing Freid to retreat, before getting severely injured by Tio Klarus. He also ran away from Yue after she severely injured him during their encounter in the Demon Invasion when he is far too weak against her.

He also tried to take his enemies’ loved ones as hostages in order to force them to surrender, another tactic that, yet again, failed on Hajime when he foolishly thinks Hajime and his companions care for the Heiligh Kingdom and believed he is allies with the "Hero Party" in hope for Hajime to give him the location of the Labyrinths, only to find out that Hajime and his companions never cared about the Kingdom and has no allegiances with the Heiligh Kingdom or the so-called "chosen heroes" due to their uncaring attitude for Tortus, refusing to give him the locations.

Much like Kouki Amanogawa, Freid is very delusional and persistent due to his twisted beliefs. He refused to believe that he was just a pawn of Ehit's games. Even after learning that the demons god and the humans god were one and the same, he chose to believe their whole history of war was a trial to prove the demons were to worthy on following Ehit, instead of accepting the truth that everything he and his fellow demons had done and died for has been for nothing but the cruel amusement of Ehit.

Abilities and Powers

Superhuman Strength: As a Demon General of Garland, Freid is widely the strongest of all demons. He obtained more power when he became an Apostle hybrid. However, his abilities are far weaker than the monstrous Hajime Nagumo and his companions.

Superhuman Endurance: Freid has endurance and stamina when he managed to clear two labyrinths with his injuries. However, his endurance cannot withstand of those who are more powerful than himself as he has took severely injuries from Tio Klarus (in her true form) and Yue. He can barely walk with the serious injury that he received from Yue.

Tactician Expertise: Freid's usual tactics was to ambush those who are more powerful than himself while taking advantage of their low guard. However, this tactic is futile and weak, when his ambushing attempt doesn't work on Hajime when only injured him. His ambushing tactics almost gotten himself killed when he took severely injured from Tio Klarus, he somewhat managed to escape from her but only for him to be scarred from her wrath. His beliefs is more foolish and dumber as Kouki's belief when he thought of Yue could be Ehit's "champion" and offered her to join the demon side only for him to be rejected and get yet another severed injury by the former vampire queen for his failed and weak ambush attempt on Hajime causing Freid to cowardly run away from Yue. His hostage taking of enemies' love ones was even more pathetic than his ambushing tactics when he foolishly thinks Hajime and his companions cares for the Heiligh Kingdom and allies with the so-called "chosen heroes" in hoping to force Hajime to surrender and give him the locations of the Great Labyrinths, only for Nagumo activated his satellite laser of destroying the 100,000 lives of Freid's army as well realized Hajime and his companions cared nothing for the Heiligh Kingdom and had no allegiances for the kingdom or the so-called "heroes" due to their unconcern natures.



Garland King

Freid is loyal to his king. After his defeat by Hajime, he apologized to his ruler for his failure, only for the king to ensure the general that Hajime is far too powerful for him, telling him that he made a mistake by underestimating him.


Freid is a devoted worshiper of Ehit. He will terminate anyone who is a disloyal "heretic" or an "Irregular" that defied Ehit. Learning Ehit is the "god" that Garland worships, Freid followed Ehit's goal to wipe out humanity after they turned against the fake god.


Noint was Freid's ally. However, after Noint's death, Freid realized he once again simply underestimated Hajime's abilities.


After his failures in the invasion after being once again defeated by Hajime, Hearst offered 500 apostles to Freid, hoping to finally terminate Hajime, his party and the "heroes". However, their plan failed when the 500 apostles proved to be too weak against Hajime, who managed to defeat and kill them all.


Cattleya was Freid's subordinate who was tasked to go to the Orcus Labyrinth to retrieve the "Age of Gods" magic. However, he learned from Eri Nakamura of Cattleya's failure and death at the hands of Hajime Nagumo.


Mikhail was Freid's subordinate. When Freid informed him of Cattleya's failure and death at the hands of an "irregular", Mikhail disobeyed Freid's commands, trying to kill Hajime himself only to die at the hands of Shea Haulia.

Eri Nakamura

Eri was Freid's comrade and also a spy for his land. However, he usually distrusted her because of his hatred towards humans, especially Eri, due to her psychopathy. Eri informed him of Cattleya's failure and death. Following their failures after they were easily defeated by Hajime, Freid and Eri retreated to Garland, swearing they will return to take their revenge on Nagumo.

Monsters (his creations)

The monsters are Freid's creations, created with the "Age of Gods" magic. He attempted to create more monsters to rule Tortus. However, his attempts failed because Hajime and his companions gotten in his way.


Hajime Nagumo

Hajime is Freid's sworn enemy for not only his interference in Freid's plans, but also for his disrespect for his "god". Freid attempted to terminate Hajime at all costs. However, his ambushing attempt failed managing only to injure Hajime. When Hajime injured Freid, the cowardly general escaped, as he cannot handle Hajime's abilities. In their second encounter, Freid mistakenly held Hajime's classmates and the citizens of the Heiligh Kingdom hostage, hoping Hajime would surrender and give him the locations of the Great Labyrinths. Hajime, however, activated his satellite laser and destroyed 100,000 of Freid's troops when the general watched helplessly before Hajime insulted him by calling him the foolish one, as he has no affiliation for the Heiligh Kingdom or allies with the so-called "chosen heroes". Following the destruction, Hajime offered Freid to leave freely or die if he continued to fight him. With the annihilation of his troops, Freid chose to retreat but warn Hajime, he swore revenge on him in the name of his "god".


Yue is Freid's enemy for injuring Hajime. When Freid offered to Yue to join the demon side, Yue rejected his idiotic offer by calling him ugly as she only came to him making sure he suffers for what he did to Hajime. Yue dealt a serious injury blow towards Freid, causing him to run away from Yue, as he is too weak against her.

Tio Klarus

Tio is Freid's enemy for injuring Hajime. When Freid retreated after his failed ambushing attempt on Hajime failed, Tio (in her dragon form) chased and severely injured Freid, but he managed to escape, remaining heavily scarred for his foolishness. After receiving numerous scars on his body from Tio, Freid became irritated from his humiliation and wanted to make Tio pay for what she did to him.

Shea Haulia

Shea is Freid's enemy after her murder upon Mikhail. For injuring Hajime, Shea will kill Freid for his failed ambushing attempt on Hajime.

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