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Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality!

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This eclair has over one million calories. 25 pounds of butter per square inch. Covered with chocolate so dark light cannot escape its surface. No no no! This is just a picture. But Homer Simpson will find the real thing both delicious and deadly. And poison,I'll stick in some poison.
~ French Chef explaining how his eclair will kill Homer Simpson.

The French Chef is a character in The Simpsons. He first appeared in "Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner".

He was voiced by Dan Castellaneta.


The French chef tried to kill Homer. When all the Restaurant owners got offended by Homer's Reviews they decided to kill him before he ruins their business the French chef then shows them his plan a chocolate eclair laced with poison called "La Bombe". Bart then finds out about the plan and told Marge and Lisa. When Homer was about to eat it Lisa manages to save him by telling Homer. that it's Low-Fat. The French Chef is taken by Lou and Eddie but he Manages to escape. He is later seen making omelettes at a meeting. The French Chef as he appeared in Grift of the Magi. He's stand is called The French Confection. He seems to have given up on killing Homer or that he forgot who he was.


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