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Freyr is an undead Mag Agent and a minor antagonist in REALM: Illuviation.


After normal Abominations proved ineffective against Kelzad, Yeelon Mekyr traveled underground and summoned Freyr to take on Kelzad. Upon reaching the surface, Freyr picked up an Abomination and threw it at Kelzad, though Kelzad dodged the creature, causing it to hit the ground and die.

Freyr then lunged at Kelzad, but Kelzad moved out of the way. Freyr attempted to grab Kelzad, but Kelzad proved too nimble to be caught. Cornering Kelzad at the front of a building, Kelzad lept onto the Mag Agent's hands, grabbed its head and jumped over it.

However, Freyr managed to grab Kelzad soon afterward and threw him against a wall, though this did little to damage the super soldier. Freyr then charged at Kelzad, but, before he could attack him, Yeelon grew impatient with him and released his hold on him, bursting out of its upper body and killing it.


  • Freyr derives his name from the Norse god of sacred kingship, virility and prosperity.