Fridgy (known as Reizou in Japan) is a mammoth-like monster appearing in Part 1 of the two-part "Prediction Predicament" episode ordered by an extremely deluded King Dedede, who, at the time, thought that a large, flaming Kirby was going to burn him to a crisp (when in fact, the monster in his dreams was not a flaming Kirby at all but instead Gerath, which, according to Mabel, was his conscience). Naturally, the King ended up ordering an ice monster from Nightmare Enterprises in an attempt to stop the calamitous event. Fridgy attacks by shooting freezing beams of ice. After entering the castle through the NME transporter, Fridgy immediately attacked Kirby and freezes the floor, causing Kirby to slip. Tiff desperately tries to get Kirby to inhale some of Fridgy's ice beams, but whenever he tries to do so the beam just crashes into him. Kirby then flees outside the castle and battles Fridgy outside. Meta Knight appears just in time and throws a torch to Kirby. Kirby inhales it and becomes Fire Kirby. Kirby and Fridgy blasted each with their attacks, but Kirby's Fire Breath essentially overpowers Fridgy's ice attack. Fridgy gets buffeted with Kirby's powerful flames, destroying him and melting him into a puddle of water.

Physical Appearance

Fridgy is a furry mammoth monster with a light blue upper half and a lime green bottom. He always has thick fur covering his eyes. Fridgy has no visible feet or legs, so he simply slides around like a slug. He has extremely long tusks and a trunk, similar to any other mammoth. Instead of two holes in his trunk, Fridgy has three holes in which he is able to spray his laser-like ice beams.

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