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~ Frieda to the Fairytale Villains.

Frieda is the main antagonist of the 2007 much-hated German indie computer-animated fantasy film Happily N'Ever After. She is Ella's stepmother and a parody of the Wicked Stepmother of Cinderella's original story.

She was voiced by Sigourney Weaver in the English dub and Traudel Haas in the original German.


Frieda is a curvy, tall woman with turquoise eyes, blonde hair, a ponytail and fair skin. She wears a magenta/purple dress with purple shoes. She is cruel, cunning, emotionless, wrathful, obsessed, power-hungry, abusive, jealous and intelligent.


Frieda gains access to the Wizard's lair during the Prince's ball. She manages to chase off Munk and Mambo after flirting with them and tip the scales of good and evil, causing a series of fairy tales to go wrong and have unhappy endings, including Jack getting stepped on by the Giant yet surviving, Rumpelstiltskin winning his bet with the miller's daughter and taking her baby, and the unseen demise of Little Red Riding Hood. She summons an army of Trolls, witches, three Big Bad Wolves, the Giant, and Rumpelstiltskin to her castle.

Witches and trolls attack Ella and her friends. The Seven Dwarfs hold off the trolls, while they flee with the help of Rick who had stolen a flying broom. Frieda decides to go after Ella herself. She succeeds in capturing her and returns to the palace, with Rick, Munk and Mambo in pursuit. Frieda tortures Ella because if the story had run its course she would have married the prince while Frieda would never get anywhere in life. Rick, Munk, and Mambo slip into the castle and attack Frieda. During the fight, Frieda generates a pit in the floor. Mambo knocks her in, but she uses her staff to fly back up again. After a short battle, in which Rick takes a blast meant for Ella and falls into a deep sleep, Frieda creates a portal by accident. Ella knocks Frieda back and punches her into the portal.

In the final scene, Frieda is last seen shown trapped in the Arctic surrounded by elephant seals. it is unknown if she's still alive or not, as she is not mentioned or is seen again for in the sequel. but it could implied she is most likely alive.


Girls, Mama's gonna take matters into her own hands. Don't wait up.
~ Frieda to the Ugly Stepsisters.
Ella? Hey, you gotta be kidding me. That little- She gets the prince... and the palace, and I get nada? Zilch? Nothing? Uh-uh. No way! Not while I'm in charge!
~ Frieda's rage at the Book before never left Ella's makeover
ELLA! 'Grows' I hate that girl ! She's so... girly!
~ Frieda hates Ella so much.
Back! Back! Bad creature! Get back, you! All of you, get back! No! No! Oh, I'm the empress of evil!
~ Frieda's last words.
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