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Killing me will not stop Nova!
~ Dr. Friedrich Steiner before his death.
In thirty-six hours, the sleeper agents will receive their final orders. Only I can tell you how to stop the broadcast. I am at Rebirth Island -the Aral Sea. The choice is yours.
~ Dr. Friedrich Steiner asking for Jason Hudson's help.

Dr. Friedrich Steiner is a supporting antagonist in the Call of Duty franchise's Black Ops sub-series, serving as a major antagonist in Call of Duty: Black Ops and a posthumous antagonist for the rest of the series.

He was a German Scientist and served as a Commanding Officer of the Waffen SS during World War II; during this time, he created Nova 6, a chemical weapon that killed whoever inhaled it in seconds. After the war, he defected to the Soviet Union and worked with Nikita Dragovich and Lev Kravchenko to continue his work on Nova 6 and unleash it upon the West.

He was voiced by Mark Bramhall, who also played Sneezy in Vanilla Sky.


Early life

Steiner was born on June 11, 1904 in Hamburg, Germany during the days of the German Empire. Not much is known about Steiner's early life and childhood other than that he had suffered from many health conditions such as paranoia, insomnia, and night terrors. In his youth, Steiner entered into school and became a well-known genius, earning many degrees and being saught by many.

World War II

Steiner was a well-known genius before the war but he was sought after by the Waffen SS and eventually joined them. He quickly rose to become a commanding officer and worked on the Wunderwaffen projects which made him a valuable member to the organization. In 1943, Steiner went into the production of Nova 6, a toxin so horrifying that the creator was horrified at what he had created. He worked hard to weaponize it in hopes of using it against the Allied Forces knowing that they wouldn't be held back forever.

The virus was eventually completed and was ready for weaponization to be used as a last-resort weapon against the Allies but before it could be tested, the Allies broke through the Nazi-occupied regions of Europe and the Soviet Army had swarmed into Nazi Germany and overran Berlin. With Adolf Hitler's suicide, the Third Reich had collapsed and the Nazi Party had dissolved as well.


Towards the end of the war, Steiner belonged to a Nazi Task Force that was stationed in the arctic and onboard a ship which was bombed by British Forces. Steiner and his team attempted to salvage anything useful but Germany had lost the war and it was too late. He then remained stationed in the arctic where he had contacted government officials in the Soviet Union and made a deal with them offering information and Nova 6 in exchange for his life.

The Soviets agreed and Steinder awaited the arrival of his new associates. His associates came accompanied by a Soviet Strike Team but Steiner viewed his men as expendable and allowed them to be slaughtered by the Soviet Forces. He remained in his office when Soviet Captain Viktor Reznov and insulted him by calling him a "Russian Dog" and smiled knowing that he had to be brought in alive.

Steiner eventually met up with Dragovich and Kravchenko where he explained the history of Nova 6 and showed them where the missiles were kept. He then allowed members of Reznov's team to be used as test subjects where the Nova 6 gassed was shown off and what harmful and lethal effects it has on people. Reznov had escaped, but the weapon was covered and Steiner would work over the next few years where he would help develop the virus and brainwash countless people into becoming sleeper agents, including CIA Agent Alex Mason, and had them stationed all over the mainland United States to unleash the virus and cripple the entire nation. Unknown to Steiner, Kravchenko and Dragovich, Reznov altered Mason's brainwashing and made him brainwashed to target kill all three of them.

Rebirth Island

Though his role in the creation of Nova 6 is unknown, Steiner became a high-level priority target for the CIA and the MACV-SOG. His facility in Ural Mountains is revealed to Jason Hudson by Daniel Clarke, a former freelance chemist and Nova 6 Researcher and a CIA Strike Team is sent in where Steiner is nowhere to be found. Steiner contacts them however and states that he's located on Rebirth Island where he's going to be killed by Dragovich for no longer being useful and that the Nova 6 will be unleashed upon the United States in 36 hours and that the CIA can come and get him if they want.


Getting the message, the United States sends in a detachment of CIA soldiers to recover Steiner and bring him into American custody. However, Alex Mason and "Reznov" arrives at Rebirth Island first and gets to Steiner first. Steiner is shocked to see "both" and is beaten briefly before being shot in the head by "Reznov", but it was later reveal by Hudson that Alex Mason was the one who killed Steiner, Reznov wasn't present and that Alex Mason went to Rebrith Island by himself.


In '43, the Fuhrer realized that the Allies could not be held back much longer. We began to look for more "unconventional" solutions. Throughout the war, my own research was focused on chemical was meticulous and frustrating work. However, what we finally developed was a weapon more effective than we ever dared to imagine...the weapon now housed within this vessel. Long range V2 be launched from this outpost. The targets were command and control centers. Washington DC was our first target...then Moscow... But we were too late. The British were upon us, and their bombers crippled this ship. Locked in the ice...we tried to salvage what we could, but it was too late. Germany had surrendered and the Russian flag flew over Berlin. The SS had orders to destroy this ship if we were attacked. This is it...
~ Steiner's Nova 6 story to Dragovich and Reznov.
Don't point that weapon at me Russian Dog!
~ Steiner to Reznov
You will take me to Dragovich.
~ Steiner arrogantly to Reznov
Dragovitch's men are rounding up everyone on the island! Those no longer essential to his plans are being executed! You must hurry before they kill me too!
~ Steiner to Hudson before being confronted by Mason
I know you...Vorkuta! You don't know what we did to you...
~ Steiner to Mason



  • He is based on Manfred Von Ardenne.
  • Although his death at the hands of a brainwashed Mason was justified, some speculate that Friedrich was a scapegoat and had attempted to redeem himself in his last moments when he was considered to be a loose end by Lev Kravchenko. However, his cowardly nature only masks his large amount of reprehensible actions and his apparent redemption came far too late.

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