Dr. Friedrich Steiner was a scientist for the Germans in WWII. He developed the Nova 6 gas weapon that could kill an ordinary human in a matter of seconds. He earned a lot of degrees in the field of science before the Waffen SS brought him up in the Wunderwaffen projects. Although he made the Nova 6 weapon, he was very horrified with what the weapon might do. Near the end of the war, Steiner and a task force were to launch V2 rockets with Nova 6 at the United States then Russia. The cargo ship was suspended before the task was complete. After Germany lost, Steiner switched to the Soviets thanks to Nikita Dragovich. The 2 notoriously test the Nova 6 on Dimitri Petrenko and 2 others, killing them easily. Even though Reznov destroyed the Nova 6 shipment, Steiner could redevelop the weapon for Dragovich's use.

With his role in the Nova 6 project known, SOG targeted him for arrest. Dr. Daniel Clarke revealed Steiner's lab to be in Mt. Yamantau in Russia. From Rebirth Island, Steiner warns Hudson and Grigori Weaver of Dragovich's plans and fears Dragovich might go after him. Steiner also gave a dire situation, 36 hours from now, Dragovich;s sleeper cells would attack the United States. Steiner would also offer help to stop the massacre of innocent millions with Hudson saved him. Before Hudson and Weaver could save Steiner, Alex Mason as Reznov kills him in a single shot.


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