The synopsis of Frieza from the Dragon Ball universe.

Main Series

Early Life

Although virtually nothing is known about Frieza's childhood and early life, it is known that he is the second son of King Cold and a possible mother (who is only implied to exist) and the younger brother of Cooler, as well as the ancestor of Chilled. It is implied that King Cold "spoiled him rotten", as mentioned by Cooler in his film debut. This is most likely why Frieza is so narcissistic and confident in himself. Despite this, there are hints that Cold (and possibly his mother as well) might have physically abused him, as he mentions to Goku that he is the second being to have ever caused him physical pain in his true form (aside from his "loving parents"). Thus, explaining why Frieza would refuse to bring his father back to life several decades later despite mostly refusing out of seflishness.

Cold also warned Frieza of one opponent that is the most dangerous in the universe he must never face and that is: Majin Buu.

Frieza later at some point started to run the Planet Trade Organization and presumably killed billions of people and orchestrated countless genocides in the process (although he truthfully didn't actually run it as his father was the one who ordered most of the attacks). Frieza had a large number of henchmen at his disposal, the strongest of which are ZarbonDodoria, and the Ginyu Special Forces. He also had other minions, such as Cui, Appule, Orlen, Kado, Ado, and many more. All of whom served him out of fear/more power.

At some point prior to the series, Frieza had a child named Kuriza. However, his appearance is non-canon.

Frieza in "Episode of Bardock".

Frieza got the Saiyans to work for him and sell planets to him, killing all their inhabitants to conquer them. In return, Frieza provided them with the needs to satisfy their blood lust. When the Saiyans began getting stronger, Frieza feared that a Super Saiyan would rise up and destroy him, so he killed their king, King Vegeta, and destroyed their home planet, Planet Vegeta. 

Frieza about to destroy Planet Vegeta in "Bardock: Father of Goku".

Only a few Saiyans were not caught in the explosion, including VegetaNappaRaditz, and Goku (whose Saiyan name is Kakarot), the protagonist of the series. As well as numerous other Saiyans scattered throughout the universe.

Hunt for the Dragon Balls

When Raditz came to Earth and was defeated by Piccolo and Goku, he sent a message to Nappa and Vegeta about the Dragon Balls via his scouter.

Frieza with his top two henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria.

Frieza heard the message , so he and his henchmen, including Zarbon and Dodoria, travelled to Namek to get the Dragon Balls so he could wish for immortality.

Frieza threatens the Namekians.

Frieza and his men killed the Namekians of five villages to get the Dragon Balls. However, at the fifth, the elder, Moori, destroyed all his men's scouters, preventing them from tracking down the Dragon Balls after Frieza violated his promise to spare his village in return for his information. Dodoria became separated from them while chasing down Krillin and Gohan, who intervened to save a Namek boy named Dende from Dodoria. Dodoria never returned, as he was later attacked and killed by Vegeta.

Once he deduced that Dodoria was dead (and deeming him expendable anyways), Frieza headed back to his ship with the five Dragon Balls they had found and left Zarbon and Appule to find the two remaining Dragon Balls. Zarbon ran into Vegeta and transformed into his monster form to defeat him. But Vegeta had previously attacked a Namek village and hidden it's Dragon Ball. The village was discovered by Frieza's henchman Orlen, who was killed by Frieza for not finding out the location of the Dragon Ball (he killed the only survivor). Frieza instructed Zarbon to bring Vegeta to him and heal him to make him tell them where the Dragon Balls were.

Calling for the Ginyu Force

However, Vegeta killed Appule, broke out of Frieza's ship, destroyed some of it, and stole his five Dragon Balls. An enraged Frieza gave Zarbon one hour to find Vegeta or face execution. Though he transformed again, Zarbon was no match for Vegeta, who had powered up via Zenkai. After Vegeta killed Zarbon and took the Dragon Ball that Krillin got from Guru, the Great Elder, Frieza summoned the Ginyu Special Force composed of RecoomeBurterJeiceGuldo, and their leader Captain Ginyu who after suppying Frieza with new Scouters, agree to hunt them down.

Vegeta joined forces with Krillin and Gohan, however Ginyu took all seven Dragon Balls from them and brought them to Frieza. Frieza tried to summon the eternal dragon, but as he did not know the Namekian password to summon him, he was unsuccessful. So he headed toward Guru's house to get the password from him, leaving Ginyu and his henchmen behind to guard the Dragon Balls. He flew right by Dende, whom Guru asked to tell Krillin and Gohan the password, but chose to ignore him for sake of time. He arrived at Guru's house where Nail, Namek's greatest warrior, told Frieza that if Guru dies, the Dragon Balls disappear.

Confronting Nail

Nail attempts to fight Frieza.

To prevent Frieza from causing Guru or anyone else harm, Nail challenged Frieza to a battle. However, Freeza easily defeated and tortured Nail, even ripping off one of his arms. That is until the Namekian revealed that his plan was to distract Frieza so Dende could give the Z Warriors the password. Enraged, Frieza immediately headed back to his spaceship, and was shocked to discover on his scouter that all the Ginyu Force had been killed (except for Ginyu, who had accidentally switched bodies with a frog).

The Battles with Frieza

Frieza about to enter into his second form.

An extremely angry Frieza arrived at the scene shortly after Gohan, Krillin, and Dende summoned the eternal dragon Porunga and wished Piccolo back to life before teleporting him to Namek, and after Porunga disappeared because Guru died at that moment. Frieza fought Vegeta and appeared evenly matched with him (if not at a slight advantage, seeing as how Vegeta was out of breath and Frieza was not), so Vegeta suggested that he transform, since Zarbon told him about it.

Frieza's second form.

Frieza transformed into his second form (which had a fighting power that exceeded 1,000,000, his previous form had one of 530,000) and impaled Krillin with his horn. This made Gohan angry and he violently assaulted and blasted Frieza. However, Frieza survived and attacked Gohan, until Krillin was healed by Dende and cut off Frieza's tail with a Destructo Disk, then distracted him so Dende could heal Gohan. As Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta went for a head-on attack, Piccolo came. Before appearing to fight Frieza, Piccolo fused with a badly injured Nail to increase his power and was able to fight on par with Frieza's second form while also having a slight advantage because of his superior skill and experience dealing with foes stronger than him.

Frieza's third form.

This forced Frieza to reveal that he has two more forms and transformed into his third. This drastically powered up Frieza and he easily outmatched Piccolo. He then barraged and tortured the Namekian, but Gohan attacked him with a Masenko, using up all his power in the process. Frieza was incredibly angry at this point and decided that he would show them what he deemed to be the most terrifying thing in the universe: his true form.

Frieza's Final Form.

Frieza then transformed into his fourth form, which is more powerful than his previous suppression forms combined. However he witnessed Dende healing Piccolo, so after finishing his transformation, he killed Dende with a Death Beam to prevent him from healing anyone again enranging the group. Vegeta, who had previously been injured by Krillin and healed by Dende (as his plan to become stronger, and maybe turn into a Super Saiyan) fought Frieza, but was simply unable to hit him. Even the one attack he landed, a energy blast powerful enough to blow up an entire planet, didn't even harm him.

Frieza easily defeating Vegeta.

Frieza patiently waited until the Saiyan had fully realized the hopelessness of the situation and lost his will to fight. He then attacked Vegeta, slowly beating him to death, until Goku arrived, having fully recovered from his injuries from the fight with Ginyu. Frieza, attacks the newcomer only for Goku to surprise him by deflecting all of his Death Beams.

Vegeta is murdered by Frieza's Death Beam puncturing his lung.

Frieza then killed Vegeta with a Death Beam through the chest, for no reason other than to shut him up about Goku being a Super Saiyan and how he would destroy Frieza. This disgusts Goku who calls out Frieza for killing Vegeta when he couldn't even move. He then vows to avenge not only Vegeta, but all the people Frieza and his men had killed.

Final Battle with the Super Saiyan

Goku then fought Frieza in an epic battle that took nineteen episodes (the longest fight in anime history).

At one point, Frieza said he would fight Goku without using his hands, but was forced to break the deal, as Goku gained the advantage after biting Frieza's tail (to prevent him from choking him). Frieza attacked by throwing rocks and chunks of land at Goku, and trapping him in an energy ball that would explode if it touched anything except Frieza. However, his one weakness was that he could not sense the Ki of other beings. Said weakness nearly loses him the fight seveal times.

Goku and Frieza were evenly matched, until Frieza powered up to 50% of his maximum and proceeded to viciously and mercilessly beat and torture the Saiyan. Goku tried Kaio-ken x20 and briefly regained the advantage, but Frieza survived virtually untouched aside from some burns on his hand and continued his onslaught against Goku. With no other options, Goku gathered energy from Namek and the planets around it to form a Spirit Bomb (the most powerful technique he had at that time).

Frieza attempting to fend off the Large Spirit Bomb.

Once Frieza realized the danger he was in, he tried to kill Goku to stop him, but Piccolo attacked Frieza as a distraction. Frieza was about to destroy the Namekian, but when Goku's Spirit Bomb was complete (with enough energy to make it a Large Spirit Bomb) he hurled the massive Ki ball at Frieza. Frieza fought heavily against it, but it was futile and exploded with Frieza underneath it, seemingly killing him.

Frieza about to shoot a Death Beam at Goku after surviving the Large Spirit Bomb.

However, the Large Spirit Bomb did not successfully destroy Frieza and he resumed his fight with Goku. He revealed himself to be alive and fired a Death Beam with Goku as the intended target. Piccolo instead leaped in front of the lethal Ki beam and was mortally wounded (in the manga, Frieza intentionally shoots at Piccolo, intending to make Goku suffer) .

Krillin about to be killed by Freeza.

Frieza then proceeded to violently murder Krillin right in front of Goku and Gohan (even cracking a sick joke afterwards, showing his cruel and deranged sense of humor). He then threatens to do the same to Gohan.  The savage murder of his life-long best friend infuriated Goku beyond belief, sparking his extreme hatred towards Frieza, and finally becoming the one thing Frieza tried so hard to exterminate: a Super Saiyan. 

Frieza using his Super Death Ball.

Goku harshly ordered Gohan to take Piccolo to Bulma's ship and faced Frieza.  Goku proceeds to brutally torture and beat Frieza, having a complete advantage of him even at 50% of his power. Angry, frightened, and desperate, Fireza launched a Death Bomb at Namek's core, badly wounding the planet and causing the planet to slowly wither away and die over the coarse of the next ten episodes.

Frieza powering up full power.

Frieza had intended to simply destroy the planet with Goku on it. Frieza then convinces Goku to let him reach his 100% Full Power state and powers up (making his muscles swell up in the process). Frieza, now at full strength (placing his power level at 120,000,000, almost on par with Super Saiyan Goku's 150,000,000) proceeds to pummel and fight with Goku on an even basis for a while.

Meanwhile, Mr. Popo collected the Earth's Dragon Balls and Kaio told Kami to tell him to wish back everyone killed by Frieza and his henchmen back to life. Krillin was unable to be resurrected, as he had already been wished back once, but Vegeta, Dende, Guru, and all the Namekians did.

Goku telepathically overheard King Kai's plan to use Porunga's last wish to teleport everyone on Namek to Earth except Frieza and elected to stay behind to finish Frieza off. Guru told Dende to make the wish, however Frieza saw Porunga and got there first and desperately made his wish of immortality to the dragon.

However, he did not know that one must speak the Namekian language to make a wish to Porunga, so when Dende made his wish, Porunga granted it and not Frieza's wish. Everyone on Namek was teleported to Earth except Goku and Frieza, who continued their battle. The fight sprawls into a full-out brawl between the two; their physical strength is ripping the already dying Namek apart. The planet is now a hellish warzone with red skies, lava, and volcanic explosions everywhere.

Frieza's body eventually began to succumb to the exhaustion that his full power put on it (along with the previous battles). Goku began to take the advantage and badly pummeled Frieza. Goku eventually decided to quit the fight because Frieza wasn't even a challenge to him anymore. After lecturing and taunting the psychopathic space tyrant, he depowers and flies off, leaving Frieza in rage, embarrassment, and confusion.  

Frieza getting sliced by his own Death Slicer.

Fireza tried one last desperate attempt at Goku's life by launching a Death Slicer at him. Goku evades the attack and resumes the fight against Frieza in Super Saiyan form. Frieza throws another Death Slicer in and begins chasing Goku with them. Goku attempts to hit Frieza with the attacks several times, but fails. After knocking Frieza deep into the ground, he rises up, unaware of a Death Slicer flying behind him. Frieza is messily dismembered by his own attack and is left barely alive and at the mercy of Goku. Goku originally wanted to leave Frieza to die in Namek's oncoming destruction. But Frieza convinced Goku to help him. He gives Frieza some of his Ki, revitalizing him enough so that he could move. He then flies off similar to before, leaving a half Frieza in confusion and rage. Frieza, being stubborn and refusing to accept his crippling defeat, fires a massive Anger Blast at Goku. Goku counters the attack with an Angry Kamehameha and Frieza is hit by both attacks and seemingly vaporized before Goku escapes Namek in one of the Ginyu Force's space pods right before it's destruction and crash landing on a planet called Yardrat.

Return and Death

Frieza nearly dead in space.

Fool! You missed by a mile!
~ Frieza's last words before Future Trunks cuts him into bits and blasts him in the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai.

However, Frieza survived the attacks (though King Kai and everyone else believed him to be dead), and was caught in Namek's explosion (which Goku escaped), but survived it as well (though badly maimed and barely alive). His father, the wicked giant King Cold, found him drifting through space, barely alive, and had him made into a cyborg, even stronger than before. The minute he reawakened, he told his father to take him to Earth so he could blow it up as revenge on Goku.

Frieza after being reconstructed as Mecha Frieza.

Frieza and King Cold arrived on Earth. Gohan, Krillin (who was wished back with the Namek Dragon Balls), Piccolo, Vegeta, YamchaTenshinhan, and Chiaotzu went out to attempt to face him, even though they knew that he would defeat them easily. However, before Frieza could start his vengeance, Trunks appeared from the future. He killed all of Frieza's henchmen, but Frieza was not in the least bit intimidated - until Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan after Trunks tells Frieza that Goku isn't the only Super Saiyan and that he's looking at another one right now. After two failed attempts at destroying him, Frieza shot a giant Supernova Death Ball at Planet Earth to blow it up. But Trunks caught it with one hand, so Frieza blew up the Supernova. Trunks was thought to be dead, but he escaped the explosion without so much as a scratch, and shot a Burning Attack at Frieza and King Cold. 

Frieza's death.

They dodged it, and then Trunks chopped Frieza vertically in half with his sword. He then sliced him to pieces and finished him off with an energy wave, reducing him to nothing more than dust and finally killing him at last. Trunks then killed King Cold just as easily after the latter tried to avenge his son's death.

Dragon Ball Super series

In this series, before Planet Vegeta was destroyed, Frieza and Beerus actually did meet at some later point. Although one day, Frieza accidentally angered him and apparently they fought. Beerus easily defeated Frieza and told him to destroy Planet Vegeta. This is likely why Frieza fears Beerus, and this further motivated him to destroy the planet (although he did it mostly on his own agenda).

Many years later, just before heading to Earth, the God of Destruction Beerus questioned his attendant Whis on the status of Freeza, with Whis explaining Frieza's defeats and death, and showing Beerus the fight between 50% Power Frieza and Super Saiyan Goku. Beerus, shocked that a mere mortal could defeat Frieza, ends up becoming interested in Goku.

The Resurrection of Frieza

For years after his defeat and death at the hands of the Super Saiyans, Frieza remained in Hell. Stripped of his powers and trapped in a cocoon dangling from a tree in a lush flower field, under a bright sun, surrounded with cherubic angels and stuffed animal singing joyfully and having a great time. The worst possible torture for such a sadistic, genocidal murderer. He would come to describe it as a nightmare like no other.

However, over a decade after his supposed final defeat, his minion Sorbet, who was running his army in his place, decided that it was time for them to revive Frieza. Sorbet and Tagoma went to Earth and obtained the Dragon Balls, wishing Frieza back to life. They did this despite feeling that Frieza's unhinged nature will possibly cause their downfall.

Frieza returned to life in his cut-up mecha state and was immediately taken back to the ship to be placed in a rejuvenation chamber. The new chamber fully healed Frieza to his previous non-cybernetic state. After a discussion with his soldiers, resulting in the deaths of several who questioned him, including Tagoma, Frieza announced that he would have his revenge, and to do so would train for four months in order to increase his power to a level on par with the Super Saiyan Gods and Gods of Destruction - which he believed himself capable of thanks to being a prodigy.

The tyrant was correct, and upon his arrival to Earth with 1,000 warriors, his mere first form was noted as being in a completely different league altogether from even the likes of Super Namek Piccolo and Super Saiyan Gohan (both of whom could have defeated his pre-training final form with ease). After his army fails to defeat the Z Warriors he wipes them all out with a Death Cannon.

Frieza prepares to take on his Ultimate Evolution.

Goku and Vegeta then arrive, and Frieza and Goku begin fighting, with Frieza going straight to his newly mastered final form, and Goku using his Saiyan Beyond God form (his base form, but with the power of Super Saiyan God). Goku has a clear advantage and manages to avoid being damaged at all by Frieza, even when the tyrant attacks with his Golden Death Ball. The two then both reveal that they have been holding back. Goku reveals his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form : Super Saiyan Blue, and Frieza counters by revealing his Ultimate Evolution: Golden Frieza, the two then begin fighting again.

Golden Frieza fights with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku.

As the fight goes on, Golden Frieza is clearly shown to be dominating the fight - without even bothering to use his full power or fight seriously, as he easily smacks around Goku, injuring the Saiyan greatly while not even getting a single scratch to his own frame. This is because he not only gained a remarkable increase in power, but became a more skilled fighter to boot. He proves his superiority by increasing his power and releasing an energy cutter beam which, despite not even hitting Goku, has enough power in its aftershock to knock him off his feet and damage him. Goku compliments Frieza's power as the latter returns it before further stating he will have his revenge on the Saiyan. Frieza glares at Goku before noticing the God of Destruction Beerus, he is shocked as he says the latter's name as Beerus calls out that he didn't address him as "Lord" before Frieza corrects himself. He asks why he came and Beerus says he came to eat ice cream and tells Frieza to fight further away or he would defend his meal. Frieza asks if the Destroyer God really didn't come to stop him as Beerus states he isn't there to pick sides though he does tell Bulma to stay close to him as her friends join her.

Frieza returns his attention to the fight but Goku asks if he is sure about continuing as Frieza states that he won't leave with victory so close. He then overhears Vegeta and Goku stopping for a brief talk, with the two revealing that he has noticed that Frieza's power is dropping rapidly as he didn't allow his body to get use to the new power instead coming to Earth after gaining the form.

Frieza then attacks Goku to end the battle before his power runs out but angrily realizes that the Saiyans words were true as Goku begins using evasive tactics to cause Frieza to waste his energy.

Golden Frieza after defeating Goku with Sorbet's help.

Eventually, Golden Frieza's power drops so much so that he is unable to damage Goku with his hits. At this point, Goku easily knocks him down with a God Kamehameha wave. Goku lands in front of him and tells Frieza to leave Earth and come back when he is much stronger. However, while Goku has his guard down, Frieza signals Sorbet who shoots Goku in the chest with a surprise shot, grievously wounding him. Frieza compliments Sorbet on his marksmanship as this permits him to exact grievous injuries on the down Saiyan while keeping his friends at bay as he administers his revenge berating the Saiyan's leniency to others.

After torturing Goku, Frieza asks Vegeta to be the one to kill Goku and in exchange, Frieza will make him supreme commander of his army, Vegeta declines and has Krillin give Goku a Senzu bean, also killing Sorbet by reflecting an attack that was aimed at Krillin at him. Vegeta then reveals to a shocked Frieza that he too possesses a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form. Vegeta taunts Frieza by stating he's been a Super Saiyan for years as he easily beats his severely drained former master determined to kill him once and for all.

Second Death

Frieza meets his demise before getting killed by Goku's God Kamehameha wave.

Damn you, Goku!
~ Frieza's last words as he is destroyed by Goku's God Kamehameha wave.

Frieza, his energy gone, reverts to his final form, however as Vegeta is about to finish him off, Frieza detonates the planet entirety of Earth, killing Vegeta and every one else on the planet. The only survivors are those that Beerus and Whis saved with an energy shield. Whis then tells everyone that Frieza is most likely alive since his race can survive in space even in pieces. As Gohan, Krillin and Bulma mourn the loss of their respective families, Goku berates himself for not finishing Frieza as Whis offers for him to make up for it by reminding the Saiyan he the ability to rewind time so that Goku can defeat Frieza like he should have when he had the chance. Goku obliges and they go back to just as Frieza is about to detonate the planet, SSGSS Goku leaps out and kills Frieza with a God Kamehameha wave, saving the Earth.

Frieza is sent back in Hell, and to his horror is welcomed back by the angels. He screams in rage and despair at his return to his torment and that he failed his mission.

Tournament of Power

Due to Universe 7 at risk of being destroyed by Zen-Oh should it lose in the Tournament of Power, as well as Majin Buu falling asleep for at least two months and being unable to participate in Team Universe 7, a desperate Goku decides to resurrect Frieza for 24 hours and make him their 10th member. His friends protest against the idea because Frieza would never agree to help them, but Goku reminds them that Hell would also be erased with their universe; meaning Frieza would have to help or risk being erased with it. Goku also promises he and Vegeta could defeat Frieza again should he cause any trouble. After a heated discussion, they argee. Goku them teleports to King Yemma who, ever lementing on Frieza's pure evil nature, agrees that Frieza is their only chance at this point.

Frieza is visited by Goku in Hell.

Goku later gets escorted to Hell by King Yemma to talk with Frieza, who is still trapped inside his cocoon. Goku releases Frieza from his cocoon and tells him about the Tournament of Power, asking him if he'd like to get out of Hell for a little bit to help them win. Frieza admits the idea intrigues him, but only agrees to participate under one condition: Should Universe 7 win the tournament, Goku must fully resurrect Frieza with the Dragon Balls. He further convinces Goku to agree by explaining he can get stronger and wishes to challenge him again, exploiting his desire for stronger opponents. Goku then tells Frieza the prize is the Super Dragon Balls, and if they win Frieza should just use those and resurrect himself though the tyrant is not sure he'd be guaranteed his desire resulting in Goku claiming that he really is the most evil being in the universe before agreeing. He has Goku promise to use Earth's Dragon balls though the Saiyan says it'll take a while to find them and with that Frieza joins Team Universe 7. During their interaction, Frieza despite still despising Goku, remains calm, forshadowing his still sadistic, but much more cunning and pragmatic personality.

Frieza is later picked up from Hell by Fortunteller Baba and arrives at Earth to meet with Goku. However, assassins from Universe 9 appear to assassinate Frieza and Goku before they can regroup with the rest of the team. Excited to test his power, Frieza powers up to his Golden Form and quickly starts killing the assassins. Goku warns Frieza against using his Golden Form before the tournament, but Frieza reveals he learned to maintain his stamina in Hell by using mental concentration, and his power no longer drops rapidly while in his Golden Form. Goku also tries to get him to spare the assassins to no avial, The two stop to talk as lead assassin tries to sneak up on Frieza with an Energy of Destruction granted to him by their God of Destruction Sidra, but Frieza senses his intentions telling him to aim wisely. The assassin fires at Frieza who dodges it but it turns out to be a decoy and fires another one though Frieza knocks it aside complimenting the strategy.

However, the assassin reveals that was another trick and hits Frieza with the real sphere of destruction as it appears Frieza is overwhelmed by the attack until he reveals he was bluffing and condenses it back into a sphere.

Frieza mastering the energy of the destruction of Sidra.

Frieza then turns on Goku, hitting him with the energy sphere, and steals a communicator from one of the assassins to talk to Sidra and Roh. He makes a bargain with them: he offers to kill Goku so Team Universe 7 lacks the members to participate if Sidra and Roh make him a member of Team Universe 9, promising to perform well in the tournament should they agree. He is then confused as the Supreme Kai and God of Destruction argue over whether they should allow such a dangerous person to join with Rou outright stating his disgust over someone being willing to betray their own universe even disregarding Frieza's purely evil nature. However, Beerus and Whis arrive before Sidra and Roh can decide and he crushes the communicator while Beerus frees Goku from the Sphere of Destruction. Beerus expresses his anger towards Frieza before Goku calms him down, stating that as long as Frieza doesn't turn on him again, they could trust him as long as they keep a close eye on him. Frieza realizes that the Tournament of Power will be the perfect opportunity to manipulate the Gods, and quietly thinks to himself that Beerus won't be in charge for much longer. Beerus and Whis then have Frieza fight with Goku to settle their differences but their brawl ends in a draw. Frieza is taken to the rest of the team whose hostile reactions to his face amuses him before they leave for the Tournament of Power. He also taunts Vegeta as he refuses to hold his hand, so Goku could teleport him there resulting in Beerus interfering.

They first arrive at Capsul Corporation because the other members are there. The reunion between Frieza and his old enemies are obviously cold especially with Vegeta who makes a disparaging remark on the halo Frieza above his head. Whis then call all members of Team Universe 7 to leave in the World of Void but they must form a circle of friendship (which later proved not to be necessary), which bothers Vegeta who does not want to do so with Frieza, Beerus gets upset and takes Frieza's hand instead before leaving.

Frieza in the Tournament of Power.

Upon arrival, Frieza meets fighters from the others universes, whereupon he catches sight of his counterpart from Universe 6, Frost. He converses with Frost alone and, upon seeing their similarities and common desires, decides to form an alliance with him. When the Tournament of Power begins, Frieza ignores Gohan's strategy of teamwork and goes to fight on his own; ki blasting Catopesra point blank. Frieza easily defeats Napapa then incapacitates and tortures Roselle, causing the latter to willingly jump out of bounds to escape from him. Frieza then witnesses Universe 9 being erased by the two Zen-Ohs. After expressing disgust towards their actions and lack of awareness of the consquences, he swears to rule over them one day.

When Kale transformed into her Uncontrollable Super Saiyan form and started going on a rampage, Frieza just calmly smiled, seemingly unfazed. Later, when Gohan talked about reuniting their team, Frieza showed up clutching Murichim by his head. Vegeta approaches Frieza and accuse him of staking his prey. Frieza laughs and says first come first serve before throwing Murichim out of the ring.

Frieza later interrupts Gohan's fight against Jimeze and seems to have come to aid him. But to their surprise, Frieza instead allows Jimeze to continue the battle and watches the latter overwhelm Gohan with his speed. However, before Jimeze can deliver the final blow, Frieza intervenes and stops his attack; jokingly saying his "hand slipped". Deciding to eliminate him first, Jimeze uses his Instant Transmission to appear behind Frieza, but is easily swatted away by his tail. Frieza then tells a shocked Jimeze that avoiding his Instant Transmission technique is child's play and proceeds to beat and torture him before throwing him out of the ring. As Frieza scolds Gohan for not using his full power against Jimeze, Frost arrives to compliment Frieza's victory against his opponent.

Frieza and Frost reveal their alliance.

Champa warns Frost not to battle Frieza, knowing he is no match for him, but Frieza and Frost reveal their alliance to everyone and declare Gohan to be their only opponent. Frost insists Frieza be the one to finish Gohan, to which Frieza accepts, though Frost charges a Death Beam and warns Frieza that should he be lying about their partnership, he'll make him suffer. Frieza proceeds to do battle with Gohan, quickly besting him in strength until Gohan powers up to his Ultimate Form and lands a good punch on Frieza's face. Deciding to return the favor, Frieza powers up to his Golden Form and completely dominates Gohan, defeating him in mere seconds.

Frost congratulates Frieza and is amazed at how much power his counterpart possesses. Frieza tells Frost that with enough training, he could reach this form as well, or at least his 100% Form; transforming into it as a demonstration. Frost tells Frieza he can do it too, transforming as well, though Frieza teaches him it's best to use that form early on since it takes up much of his stamina. Though he believes Frost already knows this, Frieza gives him one final lesson: Not to trust anyone. Before Frost can react, Frieza blasts him outta the ring and drops him out of the tournament. Gohan then rises up from the ground, revealing the whole fight was a setup to trick Frost into lowering his guard although he mentions that he himself wasn't aware of the plan at first. Frieza tells Frost he would never team up with an 'amateur' like him. Enraged and humiliated, Frost prepares to fire a ki blast at Frieza, but Zen-Oh erases him before he can for breaking the rules. Frieza, in a suprising display of fondness, then tells Gohan they should continue to work together to achieve victory in the tournament before leaving. Gohan silently agrees as the two search for the others.

When Jiren is ordered by Belmod to destroy Goku in a fight, Frieza feels Jiren's energy and comments that "quite the monster" is on the move, although he remains oddly calm, composed and relaxed considering that Jiren's abilities are far above his own. Goku is hopelessly thrashed by Jiren and asks for the energy of his teammates to hurl a Spirit Bomb at Jiren. Frieza comments that he has nothing but bad memories of that attack before willingly assisting anyways by holding his hand up, telling Goku to take the energy of "Lord Frieza". During the struggle between Goku and Jiren, the Spirit Bomb implodes and Goku falls into it as it disappears, but soon reappears, having achieved the incredible state known as Ultra Instinct, involving the mastery of one's self-movement - his body moves without his mind having to think. Frieza simply comments that he expected no less and does not seem angered or worried. He watches the two fight across the stage until Goku burns through his state and Jiren blasts him away.

Before Vegeta can get an answer out of Goku as to what that state was, Frieza flashes in and takes Goku to a location hidden by the pillar in the center; where nobody can see them. He then points his hand towards Goku and appears to be charging a ki blast, stating this situation brings back memories of what happened on Planet Namek. However, the blast turns out to heal Goku instead, and Frieza reveals he has repaid the debt he owed Goku for healing him on Namek; and that they are now even. Frieza explains that he needs Goku to retain his strength, as he'd like to avoid a direct confrontation with Jiren as much as possible; since Whis has stated he might be superior to all the Gods of Destruction. Before departing, Frieza tells Goku the Gods are calling his new form "Ultra Instinct".

Frieza later eavesdrops on Vegeta's conversation with Cabba, calling the Saiyan bond between master and student "utterly repulsive". He later confronts an exhausted Cabba after his fight with Monna, challenging him to a battle. Cabba attempts to hold his own against the tyrant, even powering up to SSJ2, but is easily defeated and eliminated by Frieza after he powers up to his Golden Form. Frieza then declares that he will be the one to win the Super Dragon Balls and control the Gods.

Impatient to continue the fight, Frieza begins to make a swing in the arena for someone to come and entertain him. At this moment, a warrior of the universe 3, Katopesla, defies Frieza but he is jostling by Goku and Kale who clashes before being joined by Caulifla. Frieza then strikes his tail to get noticed and informs them that he will beat the two female saiyans himself. Caulifla tries to attack Frieza as revenge for knocking Cabba off, and Frieza tries to retaliate, but he is stopped by Goku who tells him not to mingle with his fight. Exasperated, Frieza agrees not to intervene on the pretext that he likes to see saiyans fight each other. Katoplesla then reappeared in front of Frieza to challenge him again but Frieza was not interested and ignored him.

He continues to observe the battle between Goku (whom re-awoken his Ultra Instinct) and Kefla (Caulifa and Kale having merged). When Kefla launches a huge wave attack explosion against Goku, Frieza manages to dodge the energy rays striking almost every other member of the universe 7. When Kefla is beaten and ejected from the arena, Frieza expresses his pleasure to see Goku become stronger.

Frieza joins forces with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Android 17 against Anilaza.

After the annihilation of Universes 2, 6 and 4, the last four members of Universe 3 have merged to create a huge creature named Anilaza to defeat all members of Universe 7 (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17, Android 18 and Frieza) who are more numerous than them. Anilaza managed to hit Goku hard enough to throw him out of bounds, but Frieza was able to kick him back into the arena. Goku thanks Frieza for preventing him from being eliminated and asks him to help them against Anilaza to the surprise of Frieza. Frieza joined the remaining four members of Univers 7 (Android 18 was eliminated to prevent Android 17 from being) and used all their powers in an ulitme attack to defeat and eliminate Anilaza which led to the erasing of the universe 3. Goku also thanks Frieza for lending a hand, and Frieza insists Goku still owes him one.

During the fight against the remaining three members Team Universe 11, Dyspo used his [http:// L]ight Bullet that allows him to move faster to try to attack Frieza from behind, but Frieza grabbed Dyspo’s attacking arm with his tail. Frieza said it was handy to have a tail. Dyspo smiled and said it was handy for him too, and then dragged Frieza by the tail, slammed him face first into a rock formation, and dragged his face through it. But Frieza proved completely unscathed, which shocked the Pride Troopers eliminated. Frieza then told Dyspo he was bored before throwing a Death Beam, forcing the Pride Trooper to flee.

Frieza beats Dyspo ruthlessly.

They continued their fight, this time, Dyspo used his Light Bullet against Frieza. Frieza still manages to block Dyspo's attacks with some difficulty until his enemy uses his Circle Flash on him. When the attack explodes on him, Frieza falls on his knees and Dyspo is ready to attack him again but Frieza blocks him again with his tail and throws him to the ground. Amused by his opponent, he offers him a deal similar to the one he did with the universe 9 but Dyspo refuses, calming Frieza is nothing more than a villain with Gohan also telling Frieza "he would throw him out " if he tried something like that again. Exasperated, Frieza decides to finish with him and transforms into Golden Frieza. Frieza tells Dyspo to come at him from any direction he wants, and Dyspo considers this a good opportunity to test out his speed. Though he lands a punch on Frieza's face, it seems to have no effect, and Frieza ask him if that's all he's up to before beating him ruthlessly. Beaten and down, Dyspo activates his ultimate power: Super Maximum Light Speed Mode and Frieza is having a hard time blocking his shots while pushing himself to the edge of the arena. Whilst Dyspo was about to knock Frieza off the stage, Gohan intervenes and hits Dyspo by surprise and moves him back. The two agree to cooperate against Dyspo: Frieza creates a laser cage to limit the movement of Dyspo while Gohan confronts it in close combat. The plan works but keeping the cage costs energy in Frieza, who ends up letting go. Finding enough space, Dyspo reactivates his Super Maximum Light Speed, but Gohan manages to catch him behind and tells Frieza to eject them from the arena, which he does immediately, eliminating Gohan and Dyspo but not for praising Gohan for his leadership in a rare display of kindness.

Frieza being beaten by Toppo.

With Dyspo eliminated, Frieza has drawn his attention to Toppo, who is struggling with Android 17. While both are launching powerful beams of energy, Toppo begins to take the lead until Frieza sneaks him Death Beams in the back, the hurtful which worsens it and allows 17 to defeat him. Frieza appears in front of him, then mocks the futile resistance of the leader of the Pride Troopers, deeming him that he will be happy to throw in the trash bin. Humiliated, Toppo abandons his principles of justice and becomes a God of destruction and launches a Destruction Ball on Frieza, who believes he can easily counter it as he did with Sidra but he finally swallowed up by the attack that explodes on him . While Toppo supmerges 17, Frieza reappears, injured and temporarily unable to transform into his Golden Form. Enraged that Toppo did so much damage, Frieza declares that a God of Destruction is nothing compared to him, and fires a giant Death Ball. Alas, Toppo Manly flicks a tiny ball of destructive energy that manages to destroy the Death Ball, completely stupefying Frieza. Toppo then hits Frieza with several powerful punches. Toppo then begins to lightly crush Frieza's head with his hand, then he says he could easily destroy ihim but he would be disqualified. He calls Frieza trash and throws him out of bounds but 17 throws a rock on the Frost Demon who then falls unconscious on the ravaged arena.

Quickly waking up, Frieza continues to face Toppo with 17 until Jiren throws a powerful Ki Blast that hits them. Meanwhile, Toppo is finally defeated by Ultra Blue Vegeta, leaving Jiren as the only opponent. After Jiren  knocks down Goku, Vegeta and 17, Frieza attacks him from behind but Jiren pushes him back without a problem despite Frieza's kick briefly knocking him back. Enraged Frieza goes to Golden and promises to Jiren that he will kill him but he is effortlessly beaten down by Jiren, who stopped his attack with a single blow and delivered a blow of his own to the emperor, before punching him with enough force to knock him out his golden form, leaving Frieza unconscious yet again.

Still able to fight, Frieza remained hidden and he was able to observe the intense fight between Jiren using all his power and Goku mastering Ultra Instinct. Goku won but before he could knock down, his Ultra Instinct stopped and caused him heavy damage that allowed Jiren to knock him down only for Frieza to save him once again from the elimination. This time by firing an energy blast.

Frieza faces Jiren with the help of 17 and after a fierce fight, they put him on his knees. 17 tells Frieza that he was letting him finish the job, the Frost Demon thanked him for his trust and then moved on to Jiren and start loading a Death Beam between the two eyes of the fallen Pride Trooper. Amused by Jiren's condition, Frieza told him that he would have liked to see pathetic face in the end. In the stands, Toppo shouts to Jiren not to give up and that he believes in him. While Toppo's sentimental speech makes Frieza feel sick, it motivates Jiren to actually stand back up. Shrouded in a fiery aura, he counterattacks Frieza, forcing him and 17 to desperately combine their power to hold back his blast with Frieza reverting from his Golden form to regular form in the process to maintain the barrier. While everyone seems lost, Goku arrives behind them and gives them a help. Goku explains the plan: he and Frieza will attack Jiren abreast while 17 ensured their rear. Frieza doubts the plan until Goku retorts that if he does not cooperate with him, their universe is doomed. One last time, Frieza asks Goku if he remembers his promise about ressurecting him. Goku assures Frieza that he will keep his promise so long as Frieza upholds his end of the bargain. Indeed, it's that naïve aspect of Goku that makes Frieza so sick, though he's grateful for it at the moment. Goku, Frieza and 17's combined blast breaks through Jiren's wall of energy

The duo is able to beat Jiren into what remains of the time pilliar as the bystanders express their shock at how well Frieza and Goku are working together.. Jiren throws them off and goes for 17. Frieza demands Goku to throw him to Jiren. Goku obliges and Frieza flies to Jiren and hits him with his Nova Strike, willing to sacrifice himself to eliminate Jiren. Jiren manages to redirect them into a near by rock formation to save himself only to be caught by Goku, who is struggling to hold his Super Saiyan form due to not having energy. With their team cheering them on, Goku fully powers up in his Super Saiyan form as Frieza fully powers up his Final Form and drive Jiren through the ring to eliminate the titan.

Frieza is ressurected for the second time.

After 17 brings back everyone who was erased in the Tournament, Frieza asks to be taken back to Hell. His time hasn't run out yet, but he'd rather be in Hell than stick around and watch everyone else's happy ending. In response, Whis gives Frieza something to be happy about, using his staff to bring Frieza back to life. This is a present from Beerus, in return for Frieza's fine performance at the end. While Frieza says he will continue his ways, Goku vows to defeat him if he tries anything. Frieza told him that he is excited for their future battle, having established a sense of respect towards his most hated for. He then leaves to reestablish his army.

After that, Frieza returns to the remains of his army in space and announces that the Emperor of the Universe is back. Proving once and for all that he never changed even after gaining some fondness for his universe.


Bardock - Father of Goku

Frieza appears throughout the TV special, rapidly approaching Planet Vegeta, before destroying it with his Supernova.

Cooler's Revenge

Frieza appears at the start of the movie, where Cooler and his Armored Squadron watch Frieza destroy Planet Vegeta. He also gets mentioned by many characters throughout the film mostly because Cooler's main goal is getting revenge on Goku. In this canon, Cooler and Frieza dislike each other; mostly because Cooler resents Frieza for being spolied by their father.

Filler Afterlife

Frieza with King Cold in Hell.

Frieza was sent to hell after his death at the hands of Future Trunks. Once Cell was destroyed and sent to hell, Frieza, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force (still minus Captain Ginyu) teamed up with him to cause trouble. Goku and Paikuhan went to stop them. Goku defeated the Ginyu Force, and Paikuhan defeated Cell, King Cold, and Frieza, knocking Frieza out cold with a palm strike to the face. All seven villains were locked up in a prison cell. They were later released, and apparently did not cause any more trouble. Frieza witnessed the battle between Goku and Kid Buu through a giant crystal ball with all the other villains in hell, sticking his tongue out at Goku. When Goku destroys Pure Buu, Frieza states that he is not surprised.

Dragon Ball GT

Freeza and Cell teaming up against Goku.

In Dragon Ball GT, when Dr. Gero and the artificial Android 17 opened up a portal from Hell and all the villains escaped, Frieza and Cell remained behind to fight Son Goku when Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu lured him into Hell. Goku beats up Cell and Frieza, but was unable to kill them because they were already dead. Frieza and Cell sent Goku to a cave below Hell where he was tortured and frozen, but since he was not dead, the ice melted. After knocking Cell and Frieza away, Goku used the ice machine to freeze the villains. He accidentally knocked Frieza into Cell, causing them both to fall down and shatter. They later came back together, as they could not die again, but were chained up, put in a cage, and hauled away by ogres. GT, Fillers, and some of the movies are only canon to the anime and not the manga nor with recent movies or Dragon Ball Super.

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