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Fritz: Gott im Himmel. It is certainly hot in hier.
Agent 47: Yes.
Fritz: Jawohl - but I must be careful. I have a weak heart, you see.
Agent 47: Don't stay in here too long then.
~ Agent 47 talking to Fritz while he's sauna-bathing.
Dear brother! Under these circumstances it would be advisable to keep walking on separate paths.
I made arrangements to store our precious merchandise safely, and I intend to keep the key close to my heart.
If you need any help, please do not hesitate to visit my old friend, he is the hotel florist and very loyal to the cause.
Your loving brother, Fritz.
~ Fritz's letter to Frantz (Hitman: Codename 47).

Fritz Fuchs is a minor antagonist in Hitman: Codename 47 and a flashback antagonist in Hitman: Contracts. He is a terrorist appearing in both versions of "Traditions of the Trade", serving as its secondary antagonist. He is a member of the notorious Fuchs international terrorist family and one of Agent 47's uncles.

He was originally a killable NPC (or an optional victim) in Hitman: Codename 47, but became the mission's secondary target in the Hitman: Contracts remake. Nevertheless, it was imperative in both versions to eliminate Fritz so that 47 could seize the Fuchs brothers' chemical bomb.


Codename 47

Not much is known about Fritz's background, apart from his affiliation with his siblings' cause, which implies that he holds the same radical views as his brothers, as well as his involvement in a number of unspecified terroristic attacks.

ICA has caught wind of Fritz and his brother Frantz Fuchs' plans to set off a chemical bomb during a UN FCK Peace Summit held at the Hotel Gallàrd in Budapest. Despite the agency's neutrality regarding the political affairs, they recognize that saving the leaders attending the meeting could broaden their clientele, prompting them to send 47 to the scene to eliminate Frantz and retrieve the explosive device.

Upon checking in under an alias of Tobias Rieper, 47 promptly discovers the room Frantz is presently staying in by taking a quick glance at the guestbook and takes into account the receptionist's note that any room's mail can be checked by showing him the corresponding key. After stealing the master key from one of the bellboys to get past Frantz's bodyguards in a stealthy manner and assassinating the terrorist while he's taking a shower, the protagonist, among other things, finds a dentist's business card with a name Fritz Fuchs on it and a key to Frantz's room. 47 remembers the receptionist's remark and brings him the key, with the man handing him two letters, one of them being from the hotel's florist, letting Frantz know that the roses he has ordered have been delivered (asking the florist for Fuch's order will reveal it to be the Mossberg Persuader Shotgun hidden in a flower box), while the second one contains the already familiar name of Fritz and appears to have been sent from the dentist's office. Using the letter's contents, 47 assembles the bigger picture, realizing that its author is none other than Frantz's brother and a vital component of their reprehensible plot, posing as a hotel dentist, while storing the chemical bomb in the X-ray room, with the only key to it being in his possession. The protagonist can find his office on the third floor and inquire of his female secretary of Fritz's current location.

The cunning terrorist has made himself at home and is enjoying everything the hotel has to offer, making regular trips between the thermal bath, the restaurant and the casino, which allows for much more "artistic freedom" when compared to other targets. If 47 approaches Fritz while he's sauna-bathing and starts a conversation, he will learn from the man himself that he has a weak heart, thus giving the protagonist an opportunity to discreetly dispose of him, while simultaneously framing his death as an accident. 47 can achieve this via raising the temperature in the sauna by turning a valve next to it and blocking the door, watching as the terrorist perishes from a heart failure within seconds. He can also assassinate Fritz while he's lounging in the swimming pool by drowning him, using a combination of the fiber wire, the water itself and a headbutt as a finishing blow. Outside the thermal bath, the agent can catch Fritz alone and eliminate him while he's relieving himself either in the restaurant's or the casino's bathroom.

Hitman: Contracts

It's important to mention that the game has made an addition to the Fuchs family, its youngest member going by the name of Fabian. Canonically, the agent had the displeasure of dealing with him before he ever met the other two, implying that ICA and 47 must be well-acquainted with the family by the time they have to thwart their plans in "Traditions of the Trade".

Apart from Fritz's promotion to an actual target, which simplifies the player's objective a bit since they're no longer required to look for Fritz based on the clues scattered throughout the mission, a number of structural changes have been made, altering his routine and the overall pace of the assignment. Similarly, the game provides a full correspondence between the two brothers via the letters inside Frantz's room and in the mail instead of a single one in like Hitman: Codename 47. They are written more straightforwardly and bluntly, conveying the information about Fritz's identity, the bomb's location and the key to it in a way to save the player the mental handiwork, while adding pieces of the intel extracted from the letters in the briefing section.

The mission's events transpire during the nighttime, meaning that the restaurant and the flower shop are closed and the thermal bath is off limits to anyone but the hotel's staff, thus only Fritz and the guards are permitted to enter, requiring 47 to apply an appropriate disguise and sneak in there silently if he wants to gain access to the most convenient assassination methods. In Hitman: Contracts iteration Fritz's "old friend", i.e. the florist is nowhere to be seen. a "special delivery" (SPAS-12 concealed in a flower box) has been made by the agency instead as an auxiliary measure. The female secretary is missing as well, since the player should have no trouble monitoring his movement, considering an abundance of hints and only two areas he switches between.

This time around, Fritz doesn't visit any bathrooms outside of his stay at the thermal bath. This, however, doesn't mean that the amount of the available elimination options has decreased. The bar situated at the casino holds a brand new opportunity, as the bottle of whiskey located in the storage behind the counter can be spiked with a poison that 47 can obtain from one of the rooms in Fritz's suite. This method will require the agent to trick the bartender into taking a break to stretch his aching legs and entering the storage while the guards are not looking, and after that, the only thing left is to wait for the unwitting employee to pour Fritz a glass of the lethal liquid. Despite heavy rain, the skylight in the ceiling right above the swimming pool was left open. With the fire exit on the third floor granting him access to the roof, 47 is blessed with a perfect vantage point for snuffing out Fritz with a single precise shot while he's floating in the water, preferably while using something silent (gladly, there's the SG220.S resting on the table inside Frantz's room). Lastly, a small bar in between the first and the second floors has two windows overlooking the swimming pool, and the barkeeper has a proclivity to turn his back to tend to the alcohol shelves, though the agent still has to mind the guests who occasionally enter the bar and hang around there for a few minutes. The course of action is largely the same as with the previous method. The sniper rifle can come in handy for the last two methods, however, in order to carry it into the building the player is required to leave the case in the streets, don the hotel guard uniform and return for it later or turn off the metal detectors in the security room.


Fritz is a tall Caucasian male in his early to mid fifties. He's mildly overweight, has greyish dark hair in the undercut style with a fringe of hair to the left side and the pencil moustache. He wears a pair of purple thongs while visiting the swimming pool and sports dentist's attire while walking around the hotel's other locations. His dentist's outfit consists of a white lab coat, a short purple necktie with diagonal lilac lines, beige button-up shirt, black leather belt, mud green pants and black shoes. He speaks with a strong German accent.

In Hitman: Contracts he's noticeably slimmer and looks a bit younger. He has male pattern baldness, with his hair concentrated on the back of his head and close to the ears, blue eyes and thin pencil moustache. He wears black underpants while in the thermal bath and a dentist's outfit, which includes a lab coat, orange necktie, blue button-up shirt, grey pants and black shoes.


As a part of the infamous terroristic Fuchs family, he's presumed to hold identical or similar beliefs to his criminal relatives, meaning he's an adherent of national socialism and is fervently devoted to their cause as indicated by his letters to Frantz. As a trained terrorist, he's highly resourceful, prudent and farsighted, as well as quite fond of his brother and genuinely cares about him. He always carries the key to the bomb's storage on his person (even while swimming and sauna-bathing) and has not only managed to sneak the explosive device inside a well-guarded hotel equipped with metal detectors (most likely by figuring out the route lacking the detectors), but was also able to smuggle and conceal a shotgun inside the building via employing the services of his old friend, the hotel florist, informing Frantz that he could always consult the man to get the weapon, should things go awry. So as to not compromise his cover as the hotel's dentist, he advices Frantz to limit their face-to-face contacts as much as possible and only communicates with him via letters.

On the surface he seems to be easygoing and amicable, eagerly engaging in small talks with 47, from which it's possbile to extract a fair bit of information about his routines and tendencies. Another trait of his which's not typical for organized and ruthless terrorists is his tremendously poor impulse control, as he's seen indulging in a decadent and vacuous lifestyle - he appears to be a compulsive gambler, with his dialogue with 47 suggesting that this enthusiasm borders on addiction, and a frequent visitor of the hotel's bar and restaurant, drinking to his heart's content and dining on the most prestige, but not the healthiest food, such as Foie gras. These activities are interleaved with hobbies more favorable for one's health that include relaxing in a swimming pool and bathing in a sauna, albeit there's a catch - it seats at odds with his undetermined heart condition, making each trip to the sauna a unreasonable venture. It's left up to the imagination whether this heart affliction was brought upon by his destructive habits or existed long before them.

In Hitman: Contracts he's remembered as having more grounded, cold and restrained demeanor, never interacting with the protagonist and appearing even more serious about the operation's integrity.


Fritz: Wunderschôn - I can recommend the foie gras today.
Agent 47: Well - you know fatty foods are a killer!
Fritz: But I like it so much.
~ 47 talking to Fritz while the latter is dining at the hotel's restaurant.
Fritz: Verdammt! I want to play! Why don't they open the tables?
Agent 47: What are your tactics at the roulette?
Fritz: I put a lot of money on red.
Agent 47: You should always play on black.
~ 47 talking to Fritz while the latter is drinking at the casino's bar.
[complains abut the rising heat] [runs to the door] Hey hey hey hey! Let me out! I got a bad heart, dammit, let me out! I'm claustrophobic! I got hypertension, high blood pressure, the stress alone--you'll kill me, dammit, open the fucking--! awrk! Open the--awrk! Nggghhh... open... God... [gasps desperately, falls to the floor and dies].
~ 47 killing Fritz by raising the temperature in the sauna and trapping him inside (Hitman: Contracts).
Brother Franz!
We must avoid conspicuous encounters.
My cover as a dentist cannot be compromised.
Surely we can find our way to one another secretly.
Looking forward to the glorious consummation of our plans,
Your loving brother, Fritz
~ Fritz's letter to Frantz regarding the former's disguise (Hitman: Contracts).
Brother Franz!
How foolish of me to forget the X-Ray room is locked!
There's only one key. I keep it close to my troubled heart.
I am reluctant to convey the key to you except in person.
Once circumstances permit, I will hand you the key myself.
I remain your loving brother, Fritz
~ Fritz's letter to Frantz regarding the X-ray room key (Hitman: Contracts).


  • Similar to the Blue Lotus Emissary in "The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant" and "The Seafood Massacre", Fritz was not originally a target, but was made one in the Hitman: Contracts remakes. This is due to him being necessary in accessing the chemical bomb.
  • In HITMAN (2016), Fritz was featured in "Legacy" trailer and cutscene, as one of the past targets eliminated by 47 who appeared in Lucas Grey's flashback. Here, it showed that Fritz was (canonically) killed by 47 via drowning in the bathhouse, like that in Contracts.
  • Fritz's hairstyle and mustache in Hitman: Codename 47 resemble that of Adolf Hitler, which's not incidental, considering the terrorist's political views.

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